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PGBU-2000 Hydraulic Packaging Press

Technical specifications

NPF TECHPROMSERVICE produces PGBU-2000 packing hydraulic presses with a full list of related services. At low prices, you can order industrial units with delivery in Russia, having paid for the purchase in a convenient way. Our specialists are ready to perform installation and commissioning of the machines. If necessary, we train operators, conduct maintenance and repair of supplied equipment, and provide consulting services.

PGBU-2000: purpose

The PGBU-2000 Hydraulic Packaging Press is a universal compression machine with subsequent packing in bundles, bags or other containers of chips, chips, sawdust, cellulose fibres, waste paper, other solid waste or recyclable materials. Industrial equipment makes it possible to form compact stacks (packs, bales, briquettes or bags) for comfortable storage and transportation. Compressed waste ensures not only rational use of premises, but also safety during storage. Bundled material is easier to transport, recycle or dispose of.

Structural features

The PGBU-2000 hydraulic packing press was designed by combining the following parts:

  • a welded frame made of high-strength steel channels;
  • a spacious bunker for pressing with a solid plate and a side opening for unloading;
  • a powerful hydraulic drive with a 140 mm cylinder cross section;
  • a pump capable of providing up to 25 t of pressing force;
  • a receiving chamber with an upper neck;
  • 22 kW electric motor;
  • control unit with an intuitive panel.

Principle of operation

Pre-sorted recycled material or waste is loaded manually or mechanically through the neck located on top of the press bunker. An electric motor and a rotating hydraulic pump are switched on from the control panel. Under pressure, the hydraulic cylinder moves the plate to the stop, which compresses the feed material. After full pressing, the cylinder returns to its original position. The chamber is re-filled with recycled material and then compressed. The cycles are repeated until the pressing bunker is completely filled. The briquetted material is then removed through a side opening. It is then strapped or stacked in a bag, bag or other packaging.

Scope of application

Packaging machines are widely used for packaging sawdust, chips, bark, chips, rags at various production facilities or waste treatment plants. Industrial plants are ordered by woodworking mills, furniture and textile factories, and collection points for waste paper or other recyclable materials. You can buy a PGBU-2000 hydraulic press for pressing hay, cotton, straw, silage or other agricultural products into compact bales or bales. Often they are ordered by large restaurants and shopping centres for briquetting cardboard boxes, polyethylene containers and other various waste products.

Advantages of PGBU-2000

The key advantage of PGBU-2000 hydraulic packing presses is their high productivity and small size. As a result, they are effectively used on sites of limited size. At the same time, there are other advantages:

  • Universality. They are suitable for bundling all kinds of waste or recyclable materials from wood chips or waste paper to various husks or cake.
  • Efficiency. Fully automated compacting with easy loading and unloading.
  • Practicality. Customised loading neck with dimensions and configuration to meet customer needs.

To consult before purchasing PGBU-2000 hydraulic packing presses, please contact our managers in Vologda via a social network messenger, by phone or using the "Ask a price" or "Ask a question" service.