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Press pneumohydraulic CCPP-500A

Technical specifications

NPF TECHPROMSERVICE sells pneumohydraulic presses PGU-500A of its own production with a guarantee and a full list of additional services. These include free consultations, adaptation to the needs of a particular plant, delivery, installation and commissioning. In the course of operation, our craftsmen perform warranty and post-warranty service, and if necessary, upgrade and repair. The equipment offered at low prices is used for the production of beams, boards, furniture and other structures. Automatic units are notable for their high performance, reliability, ease of use and maintenance with a long service life. For more details, please call our managers.

Destination, operating principle

Press pneumohydraulic PGU-500A is an automated industrial type complex providing longitudinal splicing of boards to produce glued bars or other lumber of different cross-section, length and width. In the standard configuration, the press provides for the following operations in automatic mode:

  • package of dry blanks for splicing widths 50-150 with a cross section of 16-65 and lengths up to 6100 mm;
  • loading of boards on the facing line;
  • length adjustment of workpieces;
  • formation of mini-slips;
  • application of the adhesive solution
  • creasing of boards by cycle pressing with a force of 8.6 t

In addition to the standard configuration, it is possible to order deliveries of automated systems of expanded functionality from us. Upon individual orders, we manufacture lines complete with receiving tables, bundle separators, facing machines, conveyors, scanners and other equipment and devices.

Benefits of CCPP-500A

Pneumatic-hydraulic presses PGU-500A are popular due to the following positive features

  • Reliability. Due to the good safety margin of the frame structure in combination with imported components and mechanisms, the proposed complexes have a long life of intensive work with maximum loads.
  • Improved productivity. Low-priced automated complexes provide production of up to 5-8 thousand running metres of building materials per 8-hour shift.
  • Simple and efficient. A single operator is sufficient for servicing the press as a basic set.
  • Practical and convenient. The setting up, maintenance, modernisation and repair of an industrial plant does not require any specialised training or the use of special equipment. The simple layout provides easy access to all components and mechanisms.
  • Universal. Pneumatic-hydraulic presses PGU-500A can be used both separately and as part of automated complexes for the production of building materials, furniture and other structures made of wood for various purposes and levels of complexity.

Buy pneumohydraulic presses with delivery

Our company offers customised production of a wide range of both individual machines and complex solutions with different levels of mechanisation for companies processing wood, building materials and other products. To learn more about the possibilities and characteristics of the equipment sold, please contact our managers in a convenient way. You can buy PGU-500A pneumatic-hydraulic presses with delivery in Russia by prepayment, in installments or by leasing.