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Cross conveyor belt for lumber bundles

Область применения:
Lumber sorting Woodworking machines
Technical specifications

The cross conveyor belt for lumber bundles is a good way to optimise the movement of heavy loads with low effort and cost. NPF TECHPROMSERVICE sells auxiliary equipment for the processing of own-produced timber with an extensive list of additional services. The company’s engineers advise, provide recommendations for selecting the optimal configuration, organise deliveries and installation with subsequent commissioning. If the customer wishes, we provide ongoing maintenance, modernisation and repair of lumber production lines. We have low prices, an extensive stock of components and short lead times.

Destination, features

Transportation for Lumber Bundles (LBB) – electromechanical construction for moving heavy packages of boards, lumber, laths and other products 2-3.6 m long. Auxiliary equipment makes it possible to significantly increase the productivity of wood processing lines, minimising the involvement of heavy physical labour.

The design of the BCCI is based on three main parts

  • Frame length 4000 mm made of high-strength cantilevers. Cross spars are additionally reinforced with stiffened ribs.
  • Six tyres based on M160 series plate bushing traction chains. Single-row mechanisms are driven by drive shaft sprockets and move on guides. The tyres are tensioned by shifting the drive shaft mounted on the opposite side of the frame.
  • The blanks in the chains of all tyres are supported from sagging by means of support rollers.
  • Gearbox motor 5.5 kW with worm-type drive ensures that the drive shaft of the sprocket clutch drives the tyres. Motor and drive clutches are protected against damage on the basis of slip guides.
  • Depending on the technological needs, transverse conveyors can be equipped with additional mechanisms and attachments on request.

Sorting bundles of lumber

Sorting of lumber is performed by moving boards, laths, planks or other products perpendicular to the direction of the main timber production or processing line. The distribution of blanks by bundles is done manually, taking into account their thickness and quality. Side rollers can be ordered as a set for convenient sliding of boards from the conveyor belt.


Our company offers reliable and efficient solutions for arranging the delivery of lumber bundles with manual or mechanised disassembly and subsequent transfer of blanks to the processing line. The equipment supplied is made to order on the basis of the technical specification. If necessary, our engineers can travel to the site to design the line, taking into account the specific technological processes of a particular enterprise.

The popularity of the TechPromCervis PTP is due to the following advantages

  • Improved productivity, up to 5 metres per minute.
  • It is possible to manufacture the transporter according to the customer’s drawings, taking into account specific technological operations and TU.
  • The solid construction is designed for intensive operation with heavy loads.
  • Easy installation, maintenance and operation.
  • The possibility of integration into automated lines for wood processing, lumber and furniture production, etc.

To consult and requisition transverse transporters, contact our managers