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About us

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Machine-building enterprise, founded in 1993 in the city of Vologda, to develop and produce equipment for the forestry and agro-industrial complex, including the processing of wood waste.

In our work we embody the concept of maximum quality, productivity and care for the environment.

The company's specialists have designed and manufactured more than 50 varieties of machines and mechanization lines for sawmilling and deep processing of wood, house-building and wood waste processing, shredding and sorting.

We approach to design and manufacture of equipment individually and thoroughly, applying the best technologies. The design department, the production department, the quality control department, the technical support and service department employ only certified engineers and specialized specialists with extensive experience in mechanical engineering and machine tool building. More than 2000 machine tools have already been made.

In cooperation with "Tekhpromservice" NPF LLC, you get not only reliable equipment, but also a reliable partner capable of providing much in advance and offering the best service and solutions for successful development of your enterprise.

Technical equipment

New unique opportunities of “Tekhpromservice” NPF LLC

Dear partners, since July 2020 LLC NPF “Tekhpromservice” puts into operation new production areas with unique technical and technological capabilities. Production buildings of the plant are 8000 m2 (three spans 18 m wide and 145 m long), equipped with cranes with lifting capacity up to 10 tons, the total area of the plant more than 6 hectares has convenient access roads, a sufficient number of parking spaces, there are separate storage and administrative premises. One of the largest machine park in the region is located at the production facilities of Tekhpromservice.
The company has a technical capability:
– turning parts with diameter up to 1200 mm and length up to 6000 mm;
– gas-plasma cutting of metal with thickness up to 160 mm;
– rolling of sheets up to 30 mm thick;
– full cycle heat treatment;
– welding of any types and volumes, including robotic welding.

Blank site
Guillotine H-3222A
Guillotine AKNA-3222A
Guillotine shears HH3118
I-14-28-01 bending machine
2M55 Radial Drilling Machine
2M55 Radial Drilling Machine
Universal bending machine UGS-5
Bandsaw machine NBR-313 G
Radial Drilling Machine 2k-52
Vertical Drilling Machine GCO-BA1
CNC gas-plasma cutting unit
Mechanical assembly area
Three-roller bending rollers
Press Type P-50 M59-90
Roller bending machine
Press K2130 crank
Hydraulic manual station
Pipe bender
Press P-6326
Press p337 50 t
Bending rollers I-2222B
Machining area
Carousel machine 1516F1
Longitudinal-slitting machine 7212
Coordination boring machine 2E-450 AF1
Round grinding machine 3U131M
Turning and screw-cutting 1M-65
Turning and screw-cutting 1658
Turning and screw-cutting 1M63H
Vertical Milling BM-127
Milling machine FV-32
Turning and screw-cutting 1M-63 and 5
Universal turning and milling machine 6532-01
Turning and screw-cutting 16B20
Turning BT-201
Turning and screw-cutting 165-5r
Round grinding machine 3M-174
Flat grinding machine 3B722
Centerless grinding machine 3M-184
Flat grinding machine 3B722
SF-40 milling machine
Universal Milling Machine 676
Gear hobbing machine 5K-32A
Horizontal boring 2L-614
Turning and screw-cutting 16K20
Debt machine 7D-450
Heat treatment area
Installation of TVCH-1-60/066
Muffle furnace
Furnace for calculating electrodes EPE-50/400
Painting area
Inhabited shot blasting chamber
Drying chamber
REMEZA screw compressor
Airless spraying device Finish 211-1
High Pressure Spraying Unit NR-10000
Compressor screw INVE-6/8
Welding spot
Semi-welding semi-automatic machines 15 pcs.
Welding inverters for manual arc welding 10 pcs.
Argon-arc welding
Сотрудники компании
Our equipment has the appropriate certificates and declarations. And it works in more than 40 regions of Russia, as well as in Kazakhstan, Belarus and Estonia.