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Scanners and systems for industrial vision

Technical specifications

Scanners and industrial vision systems (ISPS) – are used in modern enterprises with a high level of automation of work processes. They make it possible to determine the type of wood, control dimensions and scan the surface for defects using predefined algorithms. The main features are high accuracy of the operations performed and speed, provided the appropriate software and computers with the required computing power are used.

  • high level of automation of operations performed;
  • acceleration of technological processes
  • reduction of manual labour participation
  • improving inspection and quality control efficiency
  • minimization of waste and defective products.

Scanners for logs

  • Scanner 2D: Scan two perpendicular planes. They use a special data processing algorithm. Its disadvantage is that it cannot provide high accuracy if there are interferences (defects): chips, bark, shavings, etc.
  • 3D Scanner Three modules are used to scan the workpieces, placed around a circle at an angle of 1200 relative to each other. Each of them consists of an industrial camera, a laser transmitter and a heating system.

Board scanners

  • Stransverse Scanner The complex consists of one or two scanners for flat and edge zones, a geometry determination and control system. It monitors externally visible defects and configuration irregularities.
  • Longitudinal Scanner:Longitudinal Scanner also identifies visible defects and geometry irregularities. It is used in nesting and sorting lines.
    Additional control and scanning tools for blanks (finished materials) can be supplied as options. These include a humidity detection module, an automated control system, etc.

Benefits of our scanners

  • Reliability. We develop scanners and industrial vision systems to high standards. Each component is thoroughly tested before being assembled. Finished products undergo multi-level testing to detect the slightest deviations and errors.
  • Strength All equipment is designed for long operating cycles and severe climatic conditions. The housings are manufactured with a high margin of safety.

  • Efficiency The solutions developed are distinguished by high precision and efficiency, which is the result of many years of experience, the use of new technologies and corporate developments.
  • Adaptability We offer modern devices and software with an extensive range of settings and functions. This makes it possible to adapt the solutions implemented to the specifics of production, the equipment used and the products manufactured.
  • Functionality You can buy scanners to work with all types of workpieces, capable of controlling dimensions, detecting defects, providing information for calculations on bark removal, sawing, etc.

Buy scanners from manufacturer

TECHROMSERVICE offers to buy scanners and systems of industrial vision with delivery across Russia. We sell our own production equipment with a full range of services. Leave an application or contact the manager in a convenient way to ask questions and make a profitable purchase.