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Shield cladding

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Technical specifications

TECHPROMSERVICE Company sells faceplates for its own shield with a full range of services. First, specialized engineers develop several options for machine tools, taking into account the specifics of a particular enterprise. Then, after approval, equipment is manufactured for subsequent delivery to the installation site. This approach makes it possible to offer effective solutions fully adapted to the needs of the customer. Low-priced cutters are characterized by increased reliability, enviable productivity and a long service life with amazing ease of operation and maintenance.

Destination, structural subtleties

Shield trimming (SC) – an electromechanical machine that removes the curvature of prefabricated packages of dry blanks (bundles, shields) by trimming their ends in a semi-automatic mode. Its use makes it possible to remove chips, cracks and other defects formed after drying lumber in the production of furniture, packaging and other structures made of wood. The proposed TSHs can be used both independently and as part of lines at different levels of mechanisation and automation.

Constructional subtleties

The cladding for the shield is a combination of the following structural elements:

  • Electrically driven turning machine with a 7.5 kW mobile spindle with a circular saw and a pneumatic cylinder that ensures that the workpiece is clamped before cutting.
  • Feeding roller conveyor with 1200 mm working width blade is required for manual sorting of workpieces and subsequent feeding of bags into the saw unit.
  • The roller conveyor with a roller width of 1200 mm ensures that the finished panels are moved to the line for further processing.
  • Control unit with remote control for switching on the power to the saw’s electric drive.

In addition to the standard configuration, on individual requests it is possible to complete the facing of the receiving table, the packet separator, the sawdust collection and removal device, sensors, other devices and mechanisation devices.

Advantages of TechPromCervis shield facing

  • Efficient. A wide range of available configurations and sizes allows for the production of machines of different capacities, taking into account specific technological processes. This helps to save energy resources and increase the profitability of production.
  • Reliable. The design of the proposed machines is designed with a high margin of safety, ensuring intensive operation with maximum loads over several decades.
  • Practical. Simple layout with easy access to power units and mechanisms allows for quick maintenance and, if necessary, replacement of defective parts, repairs or upgrades.
  • Universal. The trim design allows for fast processing of both individual workpieces or boards as well as packaged materials with bundle heights of up to 80 mm and widths of up to 1,200 mm.

Buy shield facing from the manufacturer

Our company offers designing and manufacturing to order an extensive list of individual machines and complex solutions with different levels of automation and mechanisation for woodworking enterprises, furniture factories and other industries. We have affordable prices, complete information and technical support throughout the life of the equipment supplied. To find out more details about mutually beneficial cooperation and to order a board facing from the manufacturer with delivery, please contact our manager in a convenient way. You can buy the equipment by prepayment, leasing programme or by instalment.