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Sorting logs with pockets

Technical specifications

NPF TECHPROMSERVICE offers customised sorting lines for pocketed logs. The use of automated complexes will significantly increase the productivity of the timber processing plant, facilitating labour-intensive operations to control the stock of timber. Equipment is supplied with a full list of additional services. Our engineers are ready to develop a line design taking into account the needs of a particular enterprise. Once manufactured, we ensure delivery, assembly, installation and commissioning. If you wish, you can conclude a maintenance and repair contract with the possibility of upgrading.

Destination, operating principle

Sorting logs with pockets (SBC) – an automated complex providing for the initial reception, accounting and distribution of roundwood depending on the breed, variety, thickness and quality of roundwood. The design is a type of longitudinal conveyor of the drive type – logs, equipped with meters, sensors, 2D-scanners and pockets of two types: sorting and rejecting.
In addition to the basic set, the KBS can be additionally equipped with the following devices and devices on request:

  • Automatic loading racks for increased productivity
  • 3D-scanners for timber size control
  • Metal detectors
  • review sites;
  • Koml milling machines;
  • shortening devices
  • Remote manipulators for turning the roundabout;

  • remote PU, etc.

For detailed information about the options for picking sorting lines, please call our managers.

Principle of work


Lumber is loaded onto the sorting line by loaders or via an automatic overpass. The logs are moved piece by piece on a special conveyor belt – logs.
The longitudinal transportation mechanism is a set of chain bars equipped with transverse beams on which spikes are mounted for picking up and securing the round timber. The logs move at a speed of 6-9 metres per minute.
When a defective or sorting pocket is reached, the workpiece is discharged from the conveyor using a special mechanism. It is a shaft equipped with mechanically driven pushers. Its design allows the decks to be pushed in both directions relative to the longitudinal axis of the CBK.

Tasks to be solved, functions

Sorting logs by pocket is designed to effectively solve the following tasks:

  • Reception, quality assessment and sorting of round timber.
  • Accounting for raw materials for the planning of the wood processing plant.
  • Optimise the use of woodworking equipment.
  • Breakage of defective logs.
  • Decrease in staff numbers for log storage organization.

The list of functions of the KBS is determined taking into account the option of its configuration. At low prices, we can order automated lines to sort timber according to various parameters with the selection of defective decks, including those with metal objects inside, Koml milling, etc.

Our company offers reliable and productive sorting lines designed for intensive use all year round with maximum loads regardless of weather conditions. Simple layout ensures easy maintenance and repair with low costs. We have affordable prices, a wide range of equipment options and short lead times for warranty claims.
Call our managers to learn more about the benefits of cooperation with Techpromservis!