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Spine-cutting machine ShSK-500

Technical specifications

NPF TECHPROMSERVICE sells its own turnkey slitting machines ShSK-500 with delivery across Russia. The equipment is delivered with guarantees and fully adapted to the needs of the enterprise (customer). Our engineers preliminarily study the peculiarities of a particular production, then offer an optimal project in several configuration options. After approval, the production of machines is arranged as soon as possible, with subsequent delivery to the installation site. If necessary, we perform assembly, installation, adjustment and commissioning, as well as maintenance under warranty and post-warranty conditions.

Purpose, performance features

ShSK-500 Spindle Cutting Machine – a productive plant based on two spindles, providing the following dry workpiece machining operations:

  • Thouching;
  • forming miniature spikes at the ends;
  • application of adhesive mixture to mini spikes.

In most cases, spike-cutting machines are used as component modules of automated production lines for building materials, furniture, containers and other wood products. They are supplied in different versions:

  • with smooth tables combined with electromechanical actuators
  • with roller-type turntables for long workpieces supplemented by electromechanical drives

  • with movable spindles in combination with a pusher
  • with pneumatic feeders
  • with fixed spindles.

An individual request, spiking machines can be supplied in any of the options presented. A wide range of available versions allows you to choose the equipment that is most adapted to the specific technological operations.

Benefits of SSC-500

Popularity of spike-cutting machines ШСК-500 is due to the following advantages

  • Improved productivity. The proposed installations allow the production of up to 2,000 to 4,000 linear metres of glued beam per shift with 8 working hours.
  • Good efficiency. The machines are capable of milling spikes up to 155 mm high as standard.
  • Advanced functionality. In the version with movable spindles, the units are able to work automatically with offset milling cutters by half a step.
  • High reliability. Carefully designed layout combined with reinforced design and use of Italian components ensures a long service life.
  • Practicality. One operator without special qualification is sufficient to service a fully functional spiking machine.
  • Easy. Due to its simple and reliable design, maintenance, adjustment and repair of equipment takes a minimum of time.
  • Universal. Spiking machines can be used independently or as part of automated lines for various purposes and levels of complexity.

Buy spiking machines with delivery

If you would like to know more about the characteristics and capabilities of SCK-500 stud-cutting machines, please contact our managers in a convenient way. We offer a wide range of industrial equipment and mechanisation facilities for companies specialising in wood processing, lumber, furniture and other products. If necessary, the proposed plants can be supplied with additional conveyors, plank dividers, scanners, aspiration plants, other devices and equipment.
Machines can be purchased by cash, bank transfer, prepayment, instalment or leasing. Our engineers are ready to organise assembly and commissioning as well as operator training. If you wish, you can conclude a contract for the maintenance, modernisation and repair of supplied equipment for any period of time up to the end of the operating period.