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Industrial shredder for wood Profit-650

Technical specifications

NPF TECHPROMSERVICE produces industrial shredders for wood with delivery in Russia and abroad. Certified equipment will ensure fast shredding of wood to produce chips of various fractions in the production of arbolite blocks, briquettes or other biofuels. The production machines can be operated independently or as part of automated waste processing lines.

Designation and structural subtleties.

Industrial shredder for wood (wood waste shredder) Profit-650 is a single-shaft low-speed unit of universal application. It is designed to process waste, stones, laths, twigs, crates, pallets and other waste of various types in order to obtain the desired fraction of chips. It is equipped with one rotor made of a high-strength steel alloy with increased wear resistance.


  • rigid frame welded from metal profiles;
  • electric drive with a capacity of 11 kW;
  • hydraulic sub-pressor (hydraulic power station) 1.1 kW;
  • loading chamber 650×960 mm;
  • knife shaft – rotor with 48 milling cutters of 40 mm cross-section at 650 mm width;
  • set of sorting screens (sieves) with cells of various diameters.

Principle of operation.

Branches, bars, planks or other material are loaded into the hopper, with a rotating rotor with knives mounted at the bottom. Waste can be loaded manually, using a forklift, belt conveyor, inclined conveyor or other means. The hydro station presses the wood against the knives of the rotating rotor during reciprocating movements. At this stage, the waste is first crushed into relatively large pieces. The shredded fractions are lowered into a sorting sieve by gravity. The particles that are smaller than the mesh diameter of the screen are crumbled downwards. The coarse fragments are sent for regrinding. The cycle is continuously repeated until the material is completely shredded into specific fractions.

Benefits of the Profit-650 shredder:

  • Rigid welded type design, designed for intensive use with maximum loads.
  • High capacity in the range of 500-1000 kg/h, depending on the type of material being processed and the size of the chip being produced.
  • The simple and reliable layout ensures easy maintenance with a minimum of technological operations.
  • The long service life of the knives and rotor is ensured by using imported high-strength steel alloy for their manufacture.
  • You can buy the Profit-650 industrial shredder for processing not only hardwood, but also cardboard, plastic, polyethylene pipes and other materials.
  • A large set of replaceable screens allows you to get chips of different fractions.
  • Special combined-type seals prevent foreign objects, small particles and dust from getting onto the bearings, which helps to extend their service life.
  • The layout of the loading chamber, which is self-cleaning, prevents waste accumulation and rotor overheating.
  • The frame is equipped with height-adjustable stands, which makes it possible to use the shredder on unfinished sites.
  • Easy integration into automated waste processing lines equipped with various means of mechanised material loading and/or chip shipment.

To consult and buy a Profit-650 industrial wood shredder (wood waste shredder) in Vologda with delivery in Russia, please contact our manager by phone, via the "Find out the price", "Ask a question" service or a suitable social network messenger.