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Press pneumohydraulic PGU-500P

Technical specifications

NPF "TECHROMSERVICE" sells pneumohydraulic presses PGU-500P (pneumatics) on a turnkey basis with a full range of services and information and technical support. After receiving an application our engineers develop several projects taking into account technological peculiarities of a particular production. Then, based on the results of approval, the equipment is manufactured in a configuration that is maximally adapted to the needs of the customer. The presses sold at low prices fully meet the requirements of GOST and international standards. They are characterized by increased productivity, reliability and ease of operation with a long service life. If necessary, we provide installation and adjustment with subsequent commissioning of the units.

Designation, structural subtleties

Pneumatic-hydraulic press PGU-500P (pneumatic) – is an automated complex of a full cycle, designed for the production of glued beam, boards or other wood products. Manufacturing of the given designs is realized by longitudinal splicing of dry lumber. Calibrated blanks are preliminary sorted and faceted with cutting of mini spikes. Then the adhesive mixture with the subsequent formation of lamellas is applied. After two or three cycles of pressing with a force of 11.4 tons, the finished material is cut into sections of a given length.

Power units and pneumatic-hydraulic press units are mounted inside the frame frame on the basis of a massive bed made of steel channels reinforced with special stiffening ribs. Adjustment, control modes and control over current operation parameters are performed with the help of built-in electric cabinet with remote panel. If necessary, PGU-500P can be equipped with a remote control, sensors, conveyors, pack separator, other equipment and devices on individual requests.

Advantages of CCPP-500P

The key advantage of TechPROMSERVICE pneumohydraulic presses is that their configuration is specially designed and manufactured to meet the needs of a particular production. Other advantages of PGU-500P:

  • Increased efficiency. Automated complexes are capable of producing up to 5-8 thousand running meters of glued beam per shift when servicing the machine by one operator.
  • High reliability. The design of the presses is designed with a large margin of safety, providing intensive work with maximum loads. The use of high-quality and accessible parts, assemblies and mechanisms guarantees increased wear resistance with a high level of maintainability.
  • Simplicity of operation. Maintenance and operation of an automated machine does not require special qualification or long-term training of personnel. Our engineers train and instruct operators during commissioning of the equipment.
  • Versatility of application. Technological devices can be used either separately or as part of complex solutions with different levels of mechanization.

Buy industrial equipment from a manufacturer

To learn more about the possibilities of pneumohydraulic presses PGU-500P, contact the managers of our plant. Profile engineer will promptly tell about the characteristics and available configurations of the automatic complex, offering favorable terms of cooperation with the full list of services. You can buy industrial equipment by prepayment, by installments or by leasing program.