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Gluing device UKN-1

Technical specifications

The company NPF "TECHPROMSERVICE" offers devices for the application of adhesive series UKN-1 for the complete set of pneumatic-hydraulic presses, other industrial equipment of the lines of splicing dry billets in length. Implemented means of mechanization are made on individual requests with a full list of services. Profile engineers develop the project taking into account specific technological operations, machine features, customer requirements and wishes. If necessary, our craftsmen install the devices and train the personnel. Throughout the entire operation period, our employees provide information and technical support for equipment purchased from us.

Designation, design features

The UKN-1 adhesive dispenser is an electromechanical device that ensures that the adhesive composition is evenly distributed over the surface of miniature spikes of dry billets. The application mechanism is made in the form of a small roller with a diameter of 120 mm located horizontally in relation to the adhesive. It rotates continuously, interacting with the contact plane of the end of the incoming board, bar or other lumber. In the absence of workpieces, the infeed of binder fluid stops as the shaft does not rotate.

The thickness of the adhesive layer applied to each spike is determined by the depth of the geometric notch in the roller. The notching step of 3.8 or 4.0 mm is designed to take into account the dimensions of the miniature spikes that a particular machine forms.

Structural subtleties

The UKN-1 glue spreading device is a compact design with a rectangular stainless steel container. It is equipped with a small 120 (160) mm wide roller mounted on a 0.18 kW electric motor shaft. The adhesive supply is controlled automatically by a special valve.

Advantages of cooperation with TECHPROMSERVICE

  • Efficiency. Our company offers only effective solutions that are fully adapted to the needs of specific processes or equipment, taking into account the requirements and wishes of customers.
  • Universality. At low prices, you can order individual devices or devices as well as complex means of mechanisation of various complexity from us.
  • Reliability. The equipment offered is designed with a large margin of safety using innovative technologies, branded developments and certified materials. Only proven units and mechanisms of popular foreign and Russian companies are used to complete it.
  • Practicality. Carefully designed layout ensures a long service life with amazing ease of maintenance, operation and repair. Operating our equipment does not require special qualifications or long-term training of operators. Personnel are trained during the commissioning process.
  • Full support. Throughout the life cycle of our equipment, our employees provide ongoing and technical support. You can conclude a contract for maintenance, repair and modernisation, supply of components, consumables and spare parts.

Buy a glue spreading device from a manufacturer

To ask questions and order glue application devices from the manufacturer with delivery, please contact our manager at Techpromservis NPF in a convenient way. An experienced employee will contact you promptly to agree on the terms of mutually beneficial cooperation.