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ProSaw sawing line

Technical specifications

NPF TECHROMSERVICE sells ProSaw sawing lines in Vologda with delivery to all regions of Russia and neighboring countries. Technological complexes of own production are supplied with a full list of related services. Our engineers provide free advice and assistance in completing the complex, taking into account the tasks to be solved. We provide delivery, assembly and commissioning of equipment. If necessary, staff training is provided, and deliveries of components are organised. You can conclude a contract for the maintenance, modernisation and repair of lines purchased from us for any period of time.

Purpose, features of the equipment, scheme of work

The ProSaw sawing line is a specialized complex for the production of large batches of sawn timber by cutting logs with a wide range of product sizes. The following modules may be included in the basic package:

  • Logging machine with capacity of 200-350 m3 per shift;
  • Edge trimming machine;
  • Gorbyl processing line;
  • Cuttering machine;
  • Accumulation table;
  • Disassembler;
  • Roller rollers: with conical rollers, with transverse wipers; with screw-on rollers;
  • Log centering machine;
  • Conveyors: with transverse, belt, scraper rollers;
  • Multiple saws;
  • Lumber separator;

In addition to the basic set, sawing lines can be additionally equipped with shredders, crushers and other machines for processing waste or lumber. The modular layout allows for quick changes in the configuration and arrangement of components. This makes it possible to adjust the sequence of log processing operations to the current tasks of the company.

Types of sawing lines

Depending on the size of the woodworking industry, you can buy sawing lines with different capacities from us:

  • Up to 25 m3 per hour. For small companies processing up to 100-130 logs per shift, we offer compact solutions based on ProSaw-200 series lumbering machines.
  • Up to 40 m3/hour. At an average processing level of 160-210 logs per shift, it is advisable to order a line equipped with the ProSaw-320 unit.
  • Up to 60 m3/hour. Large woodworking companies buy high-performance complexes equipped with powerful ProSaw-460 units.

Scheme of work

The logs are loaded mechanically to the storage table. The logs are fed to a cross conveyor belt which moves the round timber to the debarker of the woodworking line. First the bark and the surface layer are removed. Further processing is then carried out, taking into account the required dimensions and the quality of the finished lumber.

Brief description of constituent parts

  • Lumberjack – This is the main component of the ProSaw sawing line. It enables the sawing of round timber "in a fall" or with a bar. Depending on the specific modification, the machine can process 200 to 350 cubic metres of timber per shift (8 hours). V-type tracks, in combination with top pneumatic clamps, centralize the logs well. High productivity is achieved thanks to the twin-shaft cutting pattern of the logs from the inside. This solution also protects the saws from dust, sand and other contaminants. The special arrangement of the top roll allows smaller saws to be mounted for cutting thin round logs if necessary.
  • Edge Trimming Machine – The electrically driven double saw unit ensures that the edges of the lumber are processed on both sides in one pass. Its principle of operation is to cut planks using two cutting elements mounted in movable carriages that rotate in different directions. Among the basic functions of the unit is the possibility of changing the distance between the saws and adjusting their rotation speed.
  • Multi-saw machine – designed for longitudinal sawing of the saw blade and the bar. The calculated productivity depends on the size of the raw material and is on average 250m3/shift. The feed speed of raw materials is adjustable from 3 to 30 m/min. The machine is equipped with speed and drive load indicators and is prepared for aspiration system.
  • Cuttering machine – LPG-300 Cuttering Line provides cutting of lumber up to 6100 mm long and up to 300 mm wide into planks up to 70 mm in one pass. The cutting unit is equipped with two 350 mm diameter saws, which are driven by 11 kW electric motors. The divider module is equipped with 500 mm circular saws driven by 30 kW.
  • Chipping machine – The stationary drum-type unit of the PM-45 series is used to produce chips from waste produced when sawing natural humidity round timber. The material obtained can be used to produce chipboard, briquetted or granulated fuel and other needs. The machine is equipped with load sensors, a mechanism for adjusting the feed rate of raw materials, and a protection scheme against overload and short circuits.
  • Storage table – frame steel construction based on strong steel profiles and a conveyor is used to concentrate the round timber before it is loaded onto the sorting line. Carefully planned layout eliminates the need to prepare a solid foundation. By mounting an electric drive in the middle of the conveyor, the torques are transmitted in both directions. This solution reduces the load on the shaft by half compared to the motor arrangement at the end of the structure.
  • Log splitter – A special unit is needed to disassemble logs before they are loaded onto the sorting line. The movable frame ensures that the bundle is tilted to a level where the logs slide onto a chain-type cross conveyor.
  • Conical rollers – frame structures with conical rollers are required to move logs up to 600 mm longitudinally inside the sawing line. Italian 2.2 kW electric motors equipped with gearboxes are used as drives. The special configuration of the rollers with a large gradient ensures good alignment and fixation of the round timber. A high degree of safety in the operation of the line is achieved by protecting the bypass sprockets with additional fences.
  • Cross wiper rollers – Frame structures are designed for longitudinal movement of bags or piece-by-piece lumber with subsequent cross wiping. The special arrangement of Italian gear motors ensures smooth movement of products without jerks and jams. Mounting the bypass sprockets through the roller helps reduce chain and tooth loads, increasing equipment life.
  • Cross conveyors – Chain-type conveyors designed to move lumber up to 6,100 mm in length. The planks are manually pulled off the blade for subsequent stacking or loading into the transport. Side rollers are available on request to facilitate the movement of material.
  • Belt conveyors – Belt type conveyors for the disposal of waste generated during the sawing of logs and subsequent processing of sawn timber. The devices allow the removal of chips, chips and other small debris outside the sawing lines.
  • Scraper conveyors – Special equipment that works together with sawmill machines ensures the collection and disposal of waste. The typical design of such a device consists of a sheet metal frame, scraper, electric drive and control unit. The conveyors are manufactured taking into account the overall dimensions, type of waste and productivity of a particular machine.

Advantages of using ProSaw sawing lines

Regardless of the configuration option, the use of integrated ProSaw solutions provides more than 3-5 times the profitability of woodworking operations. This is achieved through the following benefits:

  • High efficiency and productivity in sawmills.
  • High quality sawing of logs independently of the characteristics of the round timber.
  • Reduced production costs due to reduced waste and scrap.
  • Improved dimensional accuracy and quality of finished timber.
  • High reliability and long service life of complete equipment.
  • Fast adaptation to the requirements of current technological processes.

To consult and order a ProSaw sawmill line with delivery in Russia, please contact our manager in Vologda. The specialist will promptly tell you about the available options and offer the optimal complex for your specific operating conditions.