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Lumber storage pocket

Technical specifications

NPF TECHPROMSERVICE sells pockets to accumulate lumber from its own production. The equipment is designed and manufactured according to individual requests, taking into account the specifics of the technological processes of a particular enterprise. Profile engineers with experience of 7-10 years are ready to promptly develop an optimal solution for completing a sorting line for raw or dry materials of any level of complexity.

Destination, operating principle

The Lumber Storage Pocket (LSBP) is a specialized structure that provides sorting of planks, bars or other products in order to prepare them for further packaging. The chamber allows material to be distributed according to its cross section and/or other parameters. Accumulation is carried out until a certain volume is reached which is necessary to form the drying bundle. The number of boards, their thickness, length and other parameters of the accumulation pocket are set from a control panel or remote control.

The PNPM is a combination of the following parts:

  • Frame frame made of steel channels and thick-walled supports.
  • Special stiffening ribs are provided to increase strength.
  • Moving platform with 12.8 m3 volume, mounted inside the frame.
  • Lifting mechanism in the form of an electromechanical cable lift.
  • Electric gear motor 5.5 kW.
  • Switching and protection unit with remote control panel and remote control.

Principle of work

Planes, bars, other lumber are fed from the cutting machines by means of a conveyor or roller conveyor to the distribution line. After identification by sensors, the timber is distributed in pockets, taking into account thickness, length and other parameters. In the initial state (pocket empty), the mobile platform is in the top position. As it fills up for each 1/10th of the volume, the lift is gradually lowered by one step. This solution prevents damage to the boards when they fall.

After the pocket is completely filled (volume controlled by sensors), the platform takes the bottom position. The accumulated boards with the full composition are moved to the cross conveyor belt for subsequent transfer to the bundling machine.

CNPM benefits

Effective. NPF TECHPROMSERVICE offers only effective solutions that are maximally adapted to the specific features of specific technological processes.

Resistant. High strength construction, reinforced with special ribs, designed for intensive operation with maximum loads.

Universal. The offered pockets provide processing of all types of lumber with cross section from 30×75 to 75×250 mm in length up to 2-6 m. The machines can be easily integrated into semi-automatic and automatic lumber production lines.

Practical. Simple layout makes maintenance and repair of equipment as easy as possible.

In order to consult and buy a pocket to accumulate lumber with delivery across Russia or the CIS, please contact our managers in Vologda in a convenient way. A specialist will promptly answer questions and make a special offer.

Our company offers modern equipment with a full range of related services. We arrange the delivery of machines, assembly and installation with subsequent adjustment and commissioning. Our employees provide full information and technical support throughout the entire operation period. In addition to equipment, the services offered include warranty and post-warranty service, repair, and modernisation of sawmill production lines. For more details, please contact our managers.