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SD2-160 dividing machine

Technical specifications

NPF TECHPROMSERVICE sells SD2-160 dividing machines for wood processing, lumber production, furniture, packaging, etc. The proposed equipment can be used separately or as part of industrial lines of varying degrees of automation. On request, machine tools can be supplied complete with protective covers, reception tables, conveyors, roller conveyors, wipers and other related equipment and devices.

Destination, structural subtleties

Division machine SD2-160 – electromechanical installation of a twin-shaft type for sawing a bar, planks to individual rails, bars of specified dimensions. The equipment is intended for completing wood processing shops, production of sawn timber, containers and other wood products. It allows dividing into three parts the workpiece up to 150 mm wide with lengths from 1000 to 6000 mm and height up to 55 mm.

Constructional features

The design of the two-saw machine consists of the following parts:

  • Frame-type frame made of steel channels on which the saw units and the conveyor are mounted.
  • Two saw units, fixed to the bed with screws that can be moved along the guides.
  • Electrically driven belt conveyor 1.5 kW.
  • Pressure rollers.
  • Tensioning device.
  • Two electric drives of 11 kW each
  • Protection and control unit combined with an electrical cabinet or remote panel on a rack.

In a typical configuration, DS2-160 dividing machines are supplied with two saw units, a set of saws, a set of spacers, a remote control on the stand, a DPU, a ZIP and an operating manual. Additional equipment and accessories can be supplied upon individual requests. To find out more about the available assembly options, please contact our managers.

Benefits of dividing machines SD2-160

Enhancement of reliability thanks to carefully designed design using new technologies and brand-name developments.

  • High cutting capacity with a speed of up to 30 m/min.
  • Makes it possible to saw different types of large workpieces with high precision, which makes it possible to obtain quality products with minimal loss of raw materials.
  • Intuitive settings, easy operation, quick adaptation to the processing of workpieces of other sizes.
  • Affordable price is formed according to the specific configuration.
  • With a thin kerf of up to 2 mm, even thin workpieces can be divided into three parts.
  • Carefully designed scheme of sawdust removal during the sawing process.
  • Small size with low energy consumption.
  • The possibility of installing one or two 250 mm diameter saws on a shaft.
  • Mechanism to adjust the feed rate between 10 and 30 metres per minute.
  • Long service life with minimum maintenance.

Our company sells effective in-house solutions with a full range of additional services. Profile employees develop a project tailored to the customer’s requirements for specific operating conditions. After manufacturing, the equipment is delivered to any region of Russia or CIS. If necessary, our craftsmen provide installation supervision, adjustment and commissioning. Upon individual requests, we provide personnel training, maintenance, modernisation and other service work. Call our manager to ask questions and make an application for the supply of dividing machines. The specialist will offer several options for completion, taking into account specific application conditions.