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The site stanki35.ru you can buy machines for processing wood waste produced by NPF "Tekhpromservis" in the presence and under the order. Availability and prices can be checked with managers.

The modern woodworking enterprises offer a wide range of finished products. But the main production process does not do without waste. At some enterprises, their total volume is from 40 to 60%.


Specialized types of equipment and advanced technologies through the processing and packaging of wood waste allows you to get additional profits. For this purpose it is not necessary to give up the main type of production. It is possible to increase the overall profitability by organizing additional waste-free production. It is necessary to expand production capacities and buy equipment for wood waste processing.

Waste wood processing is one of the directions of work of modern highly profitable production, significantly reducing the cost of finished products and allowing to increase the profitability of the enterprise. Using special woodworking equipment, they get shavings and chips of the necessary fraction, which are used in the manufacture of board materials, pellets and briquettes.

Such fuels are produced from shredded wood raw materials:

  • Briquettes - supports burning up to 8 hours;
  • Pellets (granules) with high calorific value.

Why to buy from us?

The Research and Production Company "Tekhpromservice" offers to buy machines for wood waste processing. The specialists of the company have developed a wide choice of models of modern equipment for processing, utilization and packaging with different functional characteristics and possibilities. The presented machines are characterized by good ability to work with wood waste obtained during processing and not high power.

In this section of the catalog you can buy in stock and under order:

  • Packaging presses
  • Briquetting presses, allowing to get alternative fuels
  • Shredders for grinding and processing of wood waste from furniture, carpentry and woodworking industries. The wood chips obtained during processing are used as fuel for boiler plants and as raw material for fuel briquettes production.
  • Punching machines
  • Chip bundles;
  • Hump Processing bins
  • Separators for sorting raw materials by fractions
  • Transporters
  • Aspiration systems;

To buy a wood recycling machine, leave a request online or call us by phone. The catalog includes models with photo/video descriptions. Employees of our company will provide more detailed information and advice on the choice of machines, focusing on technical characteristics, your production and technological tasks, budget.

Pricing for wood waste treatment plants and machines, check with managers.