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Chain-operated transverse acceleration conveyor

Technical specifications

NPF TECHPROMSERVICE sells chain transverse conveyors to complete wood processing lines for various purposes at affordable prices. Dispersion sorting conveyors can be ordered with delivery in Russia and neighboring countries. Equipment manufactured in-house is delivered with a full list of additional services. Our employees provide information and technical support at all stages, from selecting the right conveyor configuration to putting them into operation. If necessary, we perform assembly, installation, maintenance and repair.

Designation, features

Chain Chain Accelerator (CCAC) – a device for mechanised movement of lumber, other long piece materials and heavy loads. It is a type of conveyor equipment with a working surface formed from four PR25.4-6000 chain bars. Compared to belt constructions, it is characterized by higher productivity, reliability and durability.

The mechanised machine is a mandatory part of the technological lines for sawing wood. It is designed to eliminate manual labour in various operations. It provides transverse movement of boards, lumber, laths and other sawn timber with lengths of 2-6.5 m at the sorting stage after the sawn timber has been cut.

Design, operating principle

The chain conveyor design consists of three main parts:

  • A frame-type frame made of thick-walled steel pipes and profiles. The increased strength of the frame with a length of 5755 mm and a width of 4325 mm provides additional stiffening ribs.
  • Four bars based on single-row PR25.4-6000 series chains, closed in a ring. Roller-type mechanisms of increased accuracy, consisting of 70 links moving on rails.
  • Electric gear motor 1.5 kW, rotating drive shaft with sprockets. The second shaft provides tensioning of the tyres. The shafts are mounted at opposite ends of the frame at a distance of 5755 mm from each other.

In addition, the conveyors can be equipped with different equipment and adaptations on request, taking into account the specifics of specific technological operations. These include side stops, storage tables, loading units, roller conveyors and other mechanisms.

The principle of operation of PTFE is based on the use of several synchronously moving chain rails as traction branches. They move piece lumber perpendicularly to the direction of movement of the technological chain for sawing wood. The drives are driven by electric motors with 1.5 kW gearboxes. Sorting is performed manually by folding boards, planks or other products and then stacking them in packs.


The popularity of the chain conveyors of the TMR is due to the following advantages:

  • Increased productivity, durability and reliability of the layout designed for long intensive loads.
  • Wide range of applications: wood processing, production of lumber, furniture assembly, sorting of finished products, packaging, etc.
  • A wide range of operating temperatures combined with high resistance to aggressive influences makes it possible to use the transporter in all climatic regions, including outdoor areas.
  • The possibility of increasing or decreasing the width and/or length, taking into account the needs of specific technological processes.
  • Simple installation and commissioning. Fast integration into automated wood processing lines.

To consult and order chain transport with delivery, please contact our manager via feedback service or messenger.