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STP-250 Trimming Machine

Technical specifications

TECHPROMSERVICE offers custom deliveries of STP-250 cutting machines with full adaptation to the specific production. Our engineers are ready to promptly develop and implement the project taking into account the peculiarities of your company’s technological processes. The equipment offered at low prices is notable for its small size, increased productivity and long service life with simple adjustments and convenient operation.

Destination, design

Threading machine STP-250 – electromechanical unit with movable spindle block, circular saw and pneumatic-type executive mechanism. In the standard version it ensures the processing of dry or wet boards, bars and other lumber by performing the following operations

  • turning – end edge alignment
  • crosscutting of workpieces into bars of specified dimensions;
  • disposal of knots, rot, other defective areas.

In addition to the basic configuration, you can order the facing machine to be equipped with a feeding table or roller conveyor, receiving conveyor (table), laser marking device and other equipment and devices. For a complete list of available equipment, please contact our managers.

Constructional subtleties

Composition of the facing machine is based on the following components and mechanisms:

  • Frame with solid bed, welded from steel channels with additional reinforcement by means of ribs.
  • Work table mounted on a fixed base.
  • Mechanism of fixing the workpiece in the form of a reinforced fence hood, which is fixed to a special traction that makes reciprocating and guiding movements.
  • Executive mechanism as a pneumatic cylinder.
  • Saw unit, including a swinging beam, 3 kW asynchronous three-phase electric motor mounted on a tensioning device, spindle unit with a circular saw.
  • Pneumatic system with working pressure of 0.6 mPa.
  • Control and protection cabinet with remote control and pneumatic pedal.

Principle of work

At the receiving table, the operator sorts the workpieces and moves them along the roller conveyor to the saw unit. Tightly pressing the material to the stop base, the operator trim the end by pressing the pneumatic pedal. As soon as the pressure is applied, the holding mechanism is activated, securely fixing the workpiece. The oscillating assembly makes reciprocating movements and cuts the board or bar. After releasing the pedal, the spindle unit is removed inside the frame (returns to its original position). The casing of the holding mechanism is lifted, releasing the workpiece. The operator removes the board from the blade of the spindle block.

Benefits of STP-250 from Techpromservis

Our company offers effective solutions, fully adapted to the needs of a particular production. STP-250 milling machines will provide increased profitability for your company thanks to a lot of positive points:

  • Welded structure has a good safety margin to ensure intensive operation with maximum loads.
  • Improved productivity thanks to the high speed of the extended 400 mm diameter circular saw blade combined with the number of double strokes – 40 times per minute.
  • Small size, minimum space required to install the machine.
  • Management with a pneumatic pedal ensures convenient and safe operation.

To learn more about the advantages of the equipment sold and to order facing machines from the manufacturer with delivery, please contact our manager in Vologda.