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ATROX chopping machine

Technical specifications

The company NPF "TECHPROMSERVICE" sells ATROX chopping machines with delivery in Russia and neighboring countries. We provide a full range of services, including design and manufacture of equipment, delivery, assembly, installation, technical support, repair work. We carry out operator training and modernization if necessary. At advantageous prices we can order solutions with different characteristics, design differences and additional equipment for specific operating conditions. The machines we implement are characterized by unprecedented performance with increased reliability and ease of use.

Designation, design nuances

ATROX chopping machine – is a stationary complex of PM-45 series with productivity up to 160 m3 per shift. The unit of drum type is used to produce technical and fuel chips with the length of 15-30 mm. Standard window dimensions for loading 500×250 mm provide processing of different types of lumber. The machine can crush beams, planks, logs, slabs, branches and other wastes arising in the process of wood processing.

  • If set up correctly and operated correctly, the automatic complex provides: High productivity with the possibility of adjustment of feed rate;
  • High-quality raw materials with minimum deviation of finished chip size from the set parameters;
  • Increase of the enterprise profitability due to the possibility of obtaining additional profit from the wastes of sawmill, woodworking;
  • Expansion of products and materials offered with minimum workers. The finished product is used for production of building materials (OSB, chipboard, arbolite blocks, etc.), briquettes, pellets, as well as for fuel for smoking.

Cutting machine composition

In the basic configuration the machine consists of the basic module, where the pressure rollers, chopping drum and sieve for the chip output are placed. The equipment includes a set of knives and spare parts, as well as a complete electrical cabinet and remote control. To speed up and facilitate the feed and discharge of raw materials, it is advisable to complete the installation with belt conveyors. Additional knives and sieves will also increase the range of raw materials produced.

Working Principle

The principle of operation of the automated complex consists in shredding of wood by cutting. Raw material is fed into the loading window by means of a belt conveyor. From there, the material is moved to the toothed rollers, which clamp and push it to the cutting drum.

The cutting drum rotates around its axis. Special knives are placed along its edges, which cut the pieces of wood that are pushed into the chamber. The shredded raw material falls on a sieve. Here, under the influence of centrifugal force and air flow the chips fall on the discharge conveyor. The particle size is regulated by the change of material feed rate. The higher it is, the more fractions at the outlet.

Means of protection

The woodworking process is accompanied by a high load on all parts of the structure. Therefore, special attention is paid to equipment protection means. The proposed machine is equipped with load indicators of the main electric motor. Sensors continuously monitor the motor parameters. If necessary, the control unit generates commands to slow down the feed if, for example, an overload has been identified. The feeder is equipped with a hydraulic booster that locks and feeds the material into the crushing zone.

Learn more about the ATROX chopping machine and its equipment options by contacting our manager. The specialist will answer your questions and offer you the best layout to suit your company’s specific needs.