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SD2-120 dividing machine

Technical specifications

NPF “TECHPROMSERVICE” offers small-size dividing machines SD2-120 for completing sawn timber cutting shops. Production devices are in great demand at enterprises processing wood, production of building materials, furniture, containers and other wood products. Our company realises the extensive list of the equipment of own working out with guarantees and the full list of additional services. We supply both piece plants and complex solutions, taking into account specific technological processes.

Destination, features

Division machine SD2-120 is a specialized twin-shaft type machine for sawing timber blanks into individual laths and bars of specified dimensions. It allows to divide into three parts the workpiece width from 40 to 120 mm, length from 1000 to 6000 mm and height up to 16-60 mm. The equipment is designed to complete wood processing shops, furniture manufacturing, construction materials, packaging and other wood products. They can be used both separately and as part of automated lines for various purposes and configurations.

Layout features

  • The design of the SD2-120 twin-saw machine is based on the following components
  • Scarriage made of bed, supports and frames made of welded steel channels.
  • Two saw units mounted on the bed.
  • The screw fixing allows their position to be changed within the guides to adjust the dimensions of the finished bars.
  • Electric belt conveyor 1.5 kW.
  • Pressure rollers and tensioners set.
  • Two electric drives of 7.5 kW each
  • Commutation unit in the form of a remote control cabinet, combined with a remote operator panel on the stand. In addition, a remote control is offered.

Standard equipment

In a standard package, DS2-120 dividing machines are manufactured with two saw units, a set of saws, a set of spacers, a remote cabinet (panel on a stand), a DPU, ZIP and an operating manual.
On request, the dividing machine can be equipped with associated (near-set) equipment, additional accessories and accessories. These may include: protective casing, reception table, loading conveyor, roller conveyor, bag forming machine, etc. To find out more about the possible equipment options, please call our managers.

Benefits of dividing machines SD2-120

  • Advanced reliability and high cutting performance at raw material transfer rates up to 30 m/min.
  • Wide range of blank sizes and types.
  • High accuracy of processing with a cutting thickness of up to 2 mm.
  • Easy operation with intuitive settings.
  • Easy adjustment for workpieces and finished products of other sizes.
  • Integrated system for removing sawdust during the sawing process.
  • Delivery speed adjustments in the range from 12 to 30 m/min.

Machine tools are manufactured to individual orders on the basis of technical specifications. This approach makes it possible to offer equipment maximally adapted to the customer’s needs. Our employees ensure delivery, assembly and commissioning. If necessary, staff training is organised. Throughout the entire service life of our company, we provide service with the possibility of repair and modernisation. Call the managers of NPF “Techpromservis” for details.