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Sorting line for logs

Technical specifications

NPF TECHPROMSERVICE sells log sorting lines with delivery in Russia and to neighboring countries. At affordable prices, you can order a complete solution for a specific production facility with a full list of related services. In addition to consulting, project development and equipment manufacturing, we can provide installation, adjustment and commissioning of the line. If necessary, we can train employees and carry out maintenance, modernisation and repair work. The proposed solutions are characterized by increased reliability, high productivity and a long service life with amazing ease of use.

Designation and technical nuances

Log sorting line – an automated complex for calibrating the sawmill according to different parameters: diameter, curvature, grade, etc. A correctly selected set of equipment, taking into account the specific production, ensures that the following tasks are solved:

  • Improving the quality of recycling while minimising waste.
  • Decrease in scrap lumber.
  • Increase in the service life of sawmill equipment through stable operation at low loads.
  • Increasing the profitability of the company.
  • Distribution by species, diameter and other parameters ensures more rational use of raw materials.
  • Reduced number of production workers. With full automation, a single operator is sufficient to service the line.
  • Obtaining statistics and reports on the use of sorted timber for production planning for specific products.
  • Identification of foreign bodies.

Composition of the sorting line

The log sorting line is tailored to the specifics of the company’s operations. The basic version includes a mechanised or passive storage unit, stepper feeder, splitter and conveyors. A special 3D-scanner is used to identify the forest according to specified parameters, which allows distributing logs into several pockets. In addition, the complexes supplied by our company are equipped with waste and rubbish disposal conveyors.

Brief description of modules

  • Storage table – A powerful frame structure made of thick-walled steel channels ensures that unorganised round packs are received and prepared before being loaded onto the cross conveyor belt. The logs are loaded onto the table using a timber loader. Thanks to the robust arrangement with multiple supports, no massive foundation preparation is required for the assembly of the accumulation table. The electric drive, located in the middle part of the structure, transmits torque in two directions, thus reducing the load on the shaft. The large chain pitch reduces the contamination of the traction elements with bark and other waste.
  • Step feeder – A special stepped type design designed for separate feeding of logs to the conveyor belt. The main component of the device is the step feeder – steps. The structure is made in the form of a frame of rigid thick-walled pipes lined with 20 mm thick rolled metal sheet. The high-strength layout, which eliminates the need to feed more than one log to the conveyor, is designed for intensive work with heavy loads.
  • Log splitter with unit output – Log splitter with unit output is designed to split logs and transfer them piece by piece to longitudinal roller conveyors and logs in sawmill lines, in log sorting lines, in log feeding and bucking areas. The splitter with its piece-by-piece delivery completely eliminates the possibility of two logs hitting the longitudinal conveyor. The drive is located in the middle of the transporter. In this case, the torque is transmitted from the centre in two directions and the shaft is less loaded than when the drive is on one side. Large pitch traction chains are used, traction chains and sprockets are less susceptible to contamination and clogging with bark and dirt, and the chains have a longer service life. The transporter is constructed of rigid, thick-walled pipes, which allow it to work under heavy loads and prevent the bark from overhanging.
  • Conical roller conveyor – The frame with conical rollers is ideally suited for longitudinal movement of logs. The special configuration of the profile of the rollers ensures that the round timber is aligned and locked. An Italian spur gear motor is used as an electric drive. The smooth rotation of the rollers under heavy load is achieved thanks to the powerful bearings. Sprockets and other movable elements are enclosed by fences, making the roller conveyor operation as safe as possible.
  • Metal Detected Conveyor – A belt conveyor equipped with a metal detector makes it possible to prevent damage to the cutting elements of the sawing line by foreign inclusions that may be present in logs. The device with a set of sensors is mounted on the same frame as the conveyor belt.
  • 3D-scanner – A high-precision device allows monitoring several parameters of the logs moving along the conveyor: – top and koml cross section; – length; – run; – accounting diameter; – curvature; – volume according to GOST.
  • Sorting with pockets – A special design ensures the distribution of the round timber, which is moved with the help of a conveyor in accordance with its diameter. As the pockets pass, the logs of the corresponding cross section are discharged from the conveyor using a special mechanism. A shaft with pushers, which are driven by a mechanical drive, enables the logs to be dumped in both directions.
  • Waste removal conveyors – Depending on the specifics of the woodworking machine, belt and/or scraper conveyors are used for waste removal. They are manufactured to individual requests depending on the type of waste, capacity and size of the specific equipment.

To consult and buy a log sorting line in Vologda with delivery in Russia, please contact our manager by phone, via the "Find out the price", "Ask a question" service or a suitable social network messenger.