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Wood splicing line

Technical specifications

The automatic wood splicing complex, which can be ordered with delivery across Russia, provides gluing of the chase within 12 km per shift. The company NPF TECHROMSERVICE sells LSD lines of its own production with a full list of related services. Our engineers provide free advice on equipment selection, develop projects tailored to the needs of a particular enterprise. If necessary, we carry out installation, adjustment and commissioning of the complexes. If necessary, we train operators, carry out maintenance, modernisation and repair of supplied wood processing solutions.

Technical subtleties, principle of operation

Wood splicing line – an automated complex for the production of glued lumber of 6 m length with a number of cycles of 2-3 pcs. The basic set of standard LSD includes three basic modules:

  • A slitting line of SHLP-800 series for sawing blanks.
  • Automatic feed table (LAS).
  • Pneumatic-hydraulic press version PGU-500A.

In addition to the basic set of machines, the line can be equipped with various optional equipment on request. These can be accumulation tables, optical scanner, optimiser, end stands of 4 third-party mechanised machine tools. We can also order various options for glued lumber processing and waste treatment lines.

The wood splicing procedure is implemented in several stages:

  • Spreading and defect removal.
  • Feeding the blanks to the spike cutter.
  • Slicing a spike with the application of glue.
  • Getting on LAS with subsequent assembly.
  • Delivery to the first channel of the CCPP-500A press.
  • Delivery to the second channel of the press with a retention system.
  • Sorting and pressing in the second channel of the hydraulic press.
  • Shutter speed – board splicing by polymerisation of glue.

Brief description of modules

  • Slitting Line Slit-800 is an automatic high-performance complex providing for the formation of spikes on the ends of dry blanks with subsequent application of adhesive composition. The advanced design based on two cutters is maximally adapted for use in small and medium-sized woodworking enterprises. The frame arrangement is extremely rigid and robust, which guarantees comfortable working conditions for both the spindles in particular and the machine as a whole. Advantages of SHLP-800: – Wide range of adjustments (settings), intuitive interface; – Three modes of operation: semi-automatic, automatic or manual; – Easy access to the structural elements provides convenience of maintenance and repair; – Good resistance to corrosion, other aggressive influences; – Resource for more than 10 years with a high degree of maintainability; – Possibility of integration into automatic lines for processing and/or processing of sawn timber of various configurations. Estimated capacity for processing dry boards 40-160 mm wide from 500 to 1000 running metres per minute, taking into account the parameters of finished materials. Milling spindles are driven by two 5.5 kW electric motors.
  • Automatic feed table – frame structures for automatic feeding of dry wood blanks are used to provide technological operations for splicing lumber. Frames made of strong steel profiles are designed for long-term operation with high loads. The movement of the billets is realized by means of roller mechanisms. The number and length of tables are designed taking into account the specifics of a particular enterprise. Advantages of the feed table: -Adjustment of blank feed speed; – Higher strength and rigidity of the structure; – Wide range of settings taking into account the size of the lumber supplied; – Easy maintenance and repair; – Good resistance to corrosion and other aggressive factors; – More than 10 years of operation at an affordable price. Automatic feed tables are notable for their versatility of use. If necessary, individual modules can be quickly adapted to the specifics of specific technological operations.
  • Pneumatic-hydraulic PGU-500A press is a high-performance complex with an automatic loading mechanism, equipped with a plate with a 500×500 mm working surface. It provides a set of blanks with subsequent length facing and pressing. The movement of the hydraulic cylinder within the range of 0-200 mm is realized by means of a hydraulic station equipped with a programmable controller. The position in extreme currents is controlled by electromagnetic sensors. Estimated press capacity per hour from 600 to 1000 running metres of spliced board with a maximum compression force of 8600 kg. Advantages of CCPP-500A: – Higher strength and rigidity of the frame bed; – Wide range of settings with an intuitive interface; – Two modes of operation: automatic and manual; – High productivity with amazing simplicity of operation, maintenance and repair; – Good resistance to corrosion and other aggressive factors; – Resource of operation for more than 10 years with a high level of maintainability thanks to quality components. Pneumohydraulic presses PGU-500A are manufactured in various sizes, taking into account the specifics of the specific enterprise. Upon individual requests, the machine can be equipped with a key (touch) panel and/or a foot control mechanism. A single operator is sufficient to service an automated complex.

To consult and order a wood splicing line from a manufacturer with delivery in Russia, please contact our manager in Vologda. The specialist will inform you about available options for completing the automated complex and offer the best solution for your specific application.