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Turning automatic machine STA-1

Technical specifications

NPF TECHPROMSERVICE sells automatic end machines STA-1 with delivery in Russia. The production period does not exceed 15 working days. Mechanized units are characterized by high productivity, perfect assembly, ease of maintenance and versatility of use with a long service life. Taking into account the tasks to be solved, the proposed machines equipped with sawdust removal systems are equipped with 350-450 mm circular saws.

Designation, design

The STA-1 automatic cutting machine is an industrial pneumatically driven machine for crosscutting (trimming) wood up to 400 mm wide, as well as processing laths, slabs and other lumber for logging, firewood or for disposal. It can be used as separate equipment or as part of technological lines for the production of timber, trimming boards, boards, furniture and carpentry of various complexity.

Design features

The layout of the automatic end machine is based on the following main parts:

  • Sawing mechanism. A block with a 350-450 mm circular saw mounted in a perpendicular plane to the workpiece fibres.
  • The main drive unit. Electric motor of asynchronous type, providing rotation of the saw with a frequency of 2850 rev. \мин.
  • Pendulum. Oscillating arm allows vertical movement of the saw mechanism with a pneumatic cylinder or from the operator’s forces (with the drive off). The number of double strokes of the saw does not exceed 10 times per minute.
  • Linear guide with a conveyor to feed blanks up to 3000 mm long to the saw unit.
  • Sawdust removal system – aspiration type installation for chip collection.
  • Control unit with a remote panel allowing not only to control the drive but also to adjust a certain length of blanks.

Principle of operation, application

The work of the STA-1 automatic end machine is based on the division of wood by means of a circular saw that rotates on a shaft located along the fibres. The transverse cutting plane makes it possible to form ends, cut out defective areas or obtain blanks of the required length from bars, laths, planks, slabs and other sawn timber.

Advantages of STA-1 machines

  • Reliability. We sell under warranty industrial equipment of our own production that is fully adapted to Russian operating conditions.
  • Efficiency. Carefully designed layout using imported components and assemblies ensures high productivity with a long service life.
  • Universality. Reliable equipment can be used to solve various tasks, including facing, sawing or processing of various types of wood, recyclable materials and production waste.
  • Practicality. The automatic machines offered are easy to maintain and operate. A single operator is sufficient to ensure the full cycle of technological operations.

The company NPF "TECHPROMSERVICE" offers supplies of automatic facing machines with a full list of related services. At the customer’s request, our specialists perform installation and commissioning of the equipment, as well as maintenance and repair throughout the life of the supplied equipment. If necessary, we provide training for operators. We have spare parts and consumables available on a regular basis. You can buy lumber processing equipment by prepayment, credit or lease.