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Two-channel lumbering machine for the production of packaging and pallet boards

Область применения:
Recycling Sawmilling equipment
Technical specifications

The CPT-320 beam machine is a two-channel electromechanical complex designed for the production of packaging lumber. It provides sawing of balance sheets, thinners and other types of round billets with the cross-section of 100-320 mm and length of 1.2-3.6 m with the speed of 15 m/min. Average productivity up to 100-120 cubic metres of container or pallet board per shift. At the output there is an unedged board, a slab and a carriage (two-channel bar) in two sizes: from 100-200 mm on the first (far from the drive) and from 200-300 mm on the second (near the drive) channel.

Constructional subtleties

The CPT-320 beam-machine is designed in a two-channel, twin-shaft pattern on the basis of the following main components:

  • two-section reception table 6.6 m;
  • feeding chain transverse conveyor 7.8 m with two pushers;
  • frame with 400 mm clearance, made of steel channels and square support profiles reinforced with ribs
  • saw unit with two shafts, on each of which up to 5 circular saws with a diameter of 500 mm can be mounted.
  • rolling with a set of knives (separating plates), cross conveyor belt;
  • package of electric drives for the upper and lower shaft with a capacity of 22 and 30 kW;
  • 2.2 kW frequency drive electric motor with infinitely variable speed control mechanism.
  • claw protection against accidental ejection of sections;
  • mechanism for collecting and removing sawdust;
  • Tincture control cabinet – switching, control and protection units with remote panel and remote control.

In addition to the basic equipment, we can also order various accessories and attachments that allow us to not only expand functions, but also increase the productivity of the machine and improve operating comfort. These include special spacers (25x78x25 and 25x106x25 mm), a deck centre, removable supports, maximum thickness limiters, conveyors, etc.

Principle of work

Balance or thinner is loaded on the receiving table, from where it is moved to the saw unit by means of a cross conveyor and pusher. The feed speed is infinitely adjustable from the control panel or panel in the range of 3 to 20 metres per minute.
At the exit of the machine, the finished lumber is divided into a two-sided bar, a board and a hump. The workpieces are then moved to the sorting and palletizing line using a cross conveyor belt.

Benefits of CPT-320

The ability to cut logs in a wide range of thicknesses and lengths.

Feeding mechanism based on chain bars with end stop guarantees reliable movement of workpieces.

  • Intuitive settings, easy maintenance and operation.
  • Safe operation thanks to carefully designed layout with claw protection against ejection trimming.
  • Flawless assembly combined with increased geometric dimensional accuracy of all parts and components ensures high quality finished products.
  • Quick replacement of saws with the option to mount smaller diameter cutting elements on the upper shaft allows the processing of thinner workpieces.
  • Powerful wedge plates prevent the saws from jamming.
  • Wide temperature range for efficient operation due to lack of pneumatic and hydraulic units.

To consult and apply for a CPT-320 lumberjacking machine to complete a line for the production of packaging or pallet lumber, please contact the managers of Techpromservis NPF. Our company sells a wide range of equipment for companies specialising in the processing of wood. At low prices, you can order both individual machines and complex solutions of varying degrees of mechanisation and automation from us.