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Production line for fuel briquettes

Technical specifications

NPF TECHPROMSERVICE offers supplies of production lines for fuel briquettes to Russia and CIS countries. Our company sells a wide range of equipment for processing lumber with a full list of related services. Profile engineers conduct free consultations, provide recommendations for the completion of lines in accordance with a given performance and the specifics of a particular enterprise. If necessary, we carry out the assembly, installation, commissioning and start-up of the machines, as well as staff training. Throughout the entire service life of the equipment supplied, our specialists carry out maintenance, modernisation and repair work.

Designation, design

The fuel briquette production line (FBP) is a compact, specialised full cycle complex with automatic control. It is designed for the production of bio-fuel from plant raw materials: sawdust, bark, planks, slabs and other lumber. It allows to increase the profitability of the timber processing plant by fully processing waste. The line capacity is up to 8000 kg of briquetted fuel per shift, taking into account synchronisation with pellet units or RUF series presses.

  • The basic configuration of the automatic complex includes the following equipment:
  • Shredder (shredder) – provides shredding of stones, laths, twigs, other waste and lumber into the chips of the desired fraction.
  • The hammer crusher is designed for further grinding of chips coming from the shredder.
  • A hydraulic press is needed to seal (briquette) the shredded lumber.
  • Belt conveyors are used to load raw materials into the shredder, the shredded material into the crusher and the press, and to move the finished briquettes to the storage, packaging or loading point for transport. Their quantity is determined by the production needs of the customer.

In addition to the basic set, it is possible to complete the line with other equipment tailored to the needs of a particular enterprise. The list of available LPTB configurations can be clarified by contacting our managers.

Advantages of LPTB

The technological complex for producing fuel briquettes is in demand due to the following advantages:

  • High profitability Production of briquettes with low operating costs is organised in the shortest possible time. Costs of purchasing equipment pay off in 2-3 seasons of operation.
  • Mobility Thanks to the modular layout and compact size, it is easy to assemble and, if necessary, dismantle to move or transport the line to a new location.
  • Promptness Rapid launch of environmentally friendly biofuel production with minimal involvement of employees and maintenance personnel.
  • Universality Wide choice of available configurations. Ability to work in one, two shifts or around the clock.
  • Practicality Simple layout ensures easy installation, easy setup, maintenance, modernisation and repair.

Basic composition of the fuel briquette production line

Shredder Profit-650 – universal single-shaft low-speed unit. The industrial machine enables the processing of branches, logs, slats, slats and other lumber including recycled materials. At the output there is chips of the required fraction. The shredder is made on the basis of a frame structure on which the following units are mounted:

  • drive – electric motor 11 kW;
  • hydro station – hydraulic sub-pressor type 1.1 kW;
  • loading hopper – chamber 650×950 mm;
  • rotor – knife shaft with cutters 48 pieces 40×650 mm
  • selection of screens – sorting sieves.

Crushing of wood or lumber is caused by reciprocating movements of the sub-compressor. The hydro station presses the raw material loaded into the hopper against the rotating milling cutters. The shredded chips are crushed through a sieve. The coarse fractions are recycled.

The specified chip sizes are obtained in a continuous cycle until the material is completely crushed. Calibration of the required fractions is performed by installing screens with cells of the required diameter.

Hammer crusher HAMMER-650 – impact installation. The hammer type machine provides recycling of shredded chips. The design of the crusher is based on the following parts:

  • Base plate with rigid frame mounted on anti-vibration supports
  • bunker with a receiving window of 215 x 484 mm equipped with a large fraction limiter
  • rotor 650 mm, on which impactors – hammers – are mounted
  • pincers or a set of sieves;
  • discharging box;
  • electric motor with control panel.

A belt conveyor with blades is provided for feeding chips into the crusher hopper. If necessary, manual sludge can be fed mechanically, including by means of a screw loader.

Hydraulic briquetting press of PGB-100 series – cyclic type unit for briquetting shredded lumber. It is a frame structure on which such parts are mounted:

  • loading hopper – set of rectangular cameras
  • feed mechanism – piston or rotor with blades, providing chips compaction and press feeding
  • press mould – chamber for forming briquettes with a movable platform and hydraulic drive
  • The electric motor ensures the operation of the hydraulic pump.

Material thickens, a briquette is formed in the form of a cylinder with a cross-section of 70 mm and a length of 40-90 mm. The volume of chips is reduced by a factor of 7-8. Finished briquettes are unloaded through a side window. A belt conveyor is used to move the briquettes further.
Belt conveyors provide loading and movement of lumber, chips, shavings, sawdust and finished briquettes. Their number is selected according to individual requests, taking into account the needs of a particular company.

The Company offers a wide range of industrial equipment for processing sawn timber of its own production. In addition to standard equipment, we can order the supply of lines for the production of fuel briquettes with any set of machines, auxiliary devices and accessories for specific technological processes.
To consult, find out the available LPTB equipment options and make an application, please contact our managers.