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Slitting line of the Slitting Line-800

Technical specifications

NPF TECHPROMSERVICE sells slitting lines of its own production. We are experts in the design and manufacture of equipment for mechanisation and automation of enterprises specialising in wood processing and processing. Our extensive experience allows us to create complex and simple solutions, taking into account the smallest details and requirements of a particular enterprise. We use only the best domestic and foreign components and spare parts in our production.

Purpose, equipment features, work scheme

Slitting Line Slit-800 – designed to form miniature spikes or puzzles at the ends of woodwork. The design provides for consistent processing of both edges of the lumber. The equipment makes it possible to produce the required length of planks, beams and bars with different thickness and width parameters. The feature of the proposed line is its high processing speed, simple and reliable layout and minimal maintenance and repair costs. One operator is sufficient for work.

The through-type slitting line is used in woodworking plants for the production of fused planks, beams and beams. The proposed complex is equipped with milling machines that cut out miniature spikes at the ends of the blanks for subsequent longitudinal consolidation. A high degree of automation and control over the position of the raw materials minimises the amount of work for the operator by independently basing the parts and moving them along the line.

Competitive advantages of SlP-800

The peculiarity of the equipment is that it has no domestic analogues. Thanks to local production, the design is fully adapted to the working conditions in our environment. Low cost compared to imported lines ensures high production efficiency and fast payback. At the same time, the machines and conveyors used for assembly are as reliable, functional, efficient and safe as their foreign counterparts.

Line composition

The design of the line may be modified, supplemented and modernised to meet the requirements and specific conditions of the work within the framework of technical standards. The main parts of SLP-800 are:

  • Loading table – flat platform for preparation and accumulation of raw materials.
  • Two spiking units, forming mini spikes alternately on different sides of the blanks.
  • A system of roller conveyors providing transverse movement of material relative to the movement of the belt to feed the milling unit.
  • A traction chain with locking type stop strips that ensure that the material is fed by piece and moved in the direction of movement.
  • Storage table – a platform that can be replaced by a conveyor belt to move the material to subsequent machines.

Maximum efficiency is achieved when combined with automatic splicing lines. Their design provides for the glue treatment of the joints of the mating line, as well as pressing – forming a solid material from pieces under mechanical loads and collecting it on the accumulation table.

Advantages of Techpromservis’ SHARP-800

  • High performance. The SHLP-800 line processes up to 60 workpieces per minute or 6,000 metres of board (bar) per shift.
  • Ease of use is due to a high degree of automation and control over the accuracy of operations. Operators perform a minimum amount of work.
  • Minimal maintenance and repair costs due to the use of quality domestic spare parts in the design.
  • Efficiency. The SHLP-800 line is perfectly balanced, the simultaneity of the processes carried out ensures high speed and quality of work.
  • Ease of use. The machines ensure fast loading of blanks and unloading of finished material. Sophisticated design gives quick access to important components for additional control, adjustment and other technical operations.
  • Safety. The equipment is equipped with passive protection means – steel hoods to prevent the operator from being killed, as well as active systems based on sensors that monitor equipment overload.
  • Reliability. The line is made with a good margin of safety. Each part is thoroughly tested, allowing it to operate at maximum power without fear of overload or unpredictable wear and tear.
  • Versatility. The line can be equipped with additional machines that increase the volume of lumber processing operations. The design can be easily adapted to different operating conditions.
  • Quick adjustment enables the machines to be quickly adjusted to the specifics of the work pieces being processed.

The Vologda Machine-Tool Plant "TECHROMSERVICE" designs and produces lines for woodworking, sawmill and plywood enterprises of various complexity. We manufacture equipment with a different number of woodworking and/or processing operations. See for yourself the quality of products sold, the high level of service and our capabilities. Get in touch with your manager in a convenient way or visit your office in Vologda to order a spiky throughput line of the SHLP-800 type on a turnkey basis.