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Transverse Scanner

Technical specifications

Transverse scanner for lumber quality

A transverse lumber quality scanner is used to determine the grade of lumber in sorting lines. The system can detect visible wood defects and geometry irregularities.

The scanner consists of one or two scanning elements of the formation and edge zone (two for inspection on both sides, a turner is required), a geometry determination system, a control system and a man-machine interface. The end scanner, lumber moisture sensing module, and control system can be supplied as options (product information, performance information is automatically recorded, logs are kept and there is remote access via the network).

Default system components by manufacturer:

  • Cameras: Basler
  • Controllers: Siemens
  • Sensors: Sick, Autonics
  • Operator touch panels: Weintek
  • Automation: ABB, Schneider Electric
  • Installation: DKC

Depending on the tasks, changes are possible in this list.

GOST 24454-80 Coniferous timber is used to determine dimensions. Dimensions.

For definition of defects GOST 2140-81 Visible defects of wood are used. Classification, terms and definitions, methods of measurement.

Sorting rules can be used to define:

  • GOST 9302-83 Black Sea sorted conifers supplied for export;
  • GOST 26002-83 Northern sorted conifers, supplied for export;
  • GOST 8486-86 Sawn timber of conifers;
  • GOST 2695-83 Hardwood.

It is possible to adjust defects for certain TU.