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Spine-cutting machine ShSK-600

Technical specifications

ShSK-600 Spindle Cutting Machine is designed for cutting mini spikes on the ends of workpieces. The resulting geometric irregularities ensure more efficient joining of materials during further processing.
The SHK-600 model automatically performs basing of workpieces and cutting of horizontal miniature spikes on both ends. The spikes are formed by milling cutters and during processing, the position of the material is fixed by the clamping bar. Modifications have an additional function – adhesive application.

Purpose, picking features, work scheme

SHSC-600 Spindle Cutting Machine is a reliable modern equipment required for cutting spikes or puzzles on the end faces of blanks. Its use significantly increases the productivity of the enterprise, ensuring high accuracy and speed of processing.

The Spindle-cutting machine is used to process ends of rectangular lumber – planks, beams. It cuts mini spikes – jigsaw puzzles that ensure the effective joining of workpieces when forming whole materials. The design ensures high accuracy of work, eliminating the possibility of the operator being hit by cutting mechanisms while observing safety regulations.

SSC-600 automatically performs such processes:

  • Basing the workpiece – aligning it to the required position by using a roller conveyor.
  • Cutting at both ends of the mini-slits.
  • During machining, the workpieces are fixed with a clamping bar.
  • Sticky composition, provided it is equipped with additional equipment.

The module can be installed separately, providing for loading and unloading of material by the operator or as part of lines, additional equipment for accumulation, gluing and pressing, and moving to further processing operations.

Properties of the SHSC-600 stud-cutting machine from Techpromservice

  • Availability. Low prices are achieved due to the large scale of production, the use of self-made parts.
  • Longevity and reliability – the result of a well-thought-out construction with a good margin of strength, use of high quality materials.
  • Universal. The machine can be operated separately or as part of different lines, ensuring the processing of workpieces with a wide range of dimensions.
  • Advanced efficiency is achieved through a high degree of automation and speed at the maximum volume of operations.

NPF TECHPROMSERVICE designs and manufactures not only slitting machines, but also multitasking automated lines using SSC-600. We can develop any combination of equipment that can increase the efficiency, profitability of the enterprise and the range of manufactured products.
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