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Drying chambers

The main model range is represented by cameras with conventional capacity of 30; 50; 65; 85; 85; 110; 130; 160; 200 cubic meters. We mean the volume of lumber with nominal thickness of 50 mm on gaskets 25 mm, which can accommodate the chamber.

The support structure is made of aluminum profiles, which guarantees a long service life. Enclosing structures are made of aluminium sheet cassettes with polyurethane foam as insulation. As an economical alternative, a construction made of steel profiles with anti-corrosion coating can be offered. The structure is sewn with aluminum sheets and is not exposed to aggressive internal environment.

The fans are reversible, made in Italy, reliable, specially designed to work in high temperatures. Quantity and power are selected based on the breed and cross section of lumber to be dried. Bimetal heat exchangers (heat exchangers) are stainless steel pipes with aluminum fins. They provide high heat output. They are designed for a long service life. Thermal water treatment system can be single- or double-sided depending on the volume of the chamber and type of heat exchangers.

If necessary, the camera set can be optimized without loss of wood drying quality.

The technical level of the drying equipment is largely determined by the automation that controls the drying process. Depending on the customer's tasks and budget we complete the cameras with Delphi, dTouch and LITouch controllers. These types of controllers are used by leading manufacturers of drying chambers. At the customer's request, the equipment is equipped with a personal computer with special software that allows remote control of the drying chamber processes, diagnostics, correction of drying modes, and printing of process information.