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Wiper Roller Conveyor

Technical specifications

NPF "TECHPROMSERVICE" sells a wide range of equipment for mechanization of wood processing plants workshops with a full list of additional services. Profile engineers develop projects taking into account specific technological processes and customer requirements. After manufacturing, we provide delivery, assembly and commissioning of lines. If you wish, you can enter into a service and repair contract with the possibility of upgrading throughout the life cycle of the equipment purchased from us.

Designation, design features

Wiper Roller Conveyor (RS) – mechanized drive-type complex for processing of piece or lumber packages. The design is based on a roller conveyor equipped with a special mechanism for pushing boards, bars and other blanks. Rotating of rollers with width of 400 mm is carried out by means of a gear motor connected through a chain gear, clutch and bypass sprockets. Bypass sprockets are designed to avoid braking (jamming) of packages or piece lumber regardless of their size, weight or quantity. The sprocket teeth provide good grip on the roller sprockets, ensuring reliable contact throughout the speed range of the conveyor.

Structural elements:

  • Support frame with channel frame.
  • Set of rollers, whose axles are fixed on bearings across the upper frame.
  • Italian gear motor 1.5 kW with chain coupling.
  • Set of drive chains with bypass sprockets mounted through each roller.
  • Wipers – six beams with shafts equipped with pushers with electric drive. They are designed to push a pack or piece workpieces to the right side of the direction of movement.
  • Protection and switching module with a remote control panel. In addition to switching the power on and off, it provides speed control of lumber movement (rotation of rollers), protection of the electric motor from short circuits and overloads.

Working Principle

Loading of lumber can be carried out with the help of a cross conveyor, a packet separator, a roller conveyor or other mechanized device depending on the peculiarities of a particular wood processing or production line. Longitudinal movement of the workpieces is carried out by rotating the rollers at a given speed. The torque from the gear motor is also transmitted to special sprockets on which chains with stops are mounted. When a package, plank or bar is pressed on the stop, wipers are actuated by pushing the package or individual lumber to the right. Six beams provide reliable discharge of blanks (cargoes) of different sizes and weights.

Advantages of roller conveyors with wipers:

  • Increased structural strength and load-carrying capacity due to rigid frame made of thick-walled channels.
  • Safety guard for bypass sprockets ensures safe operation.
  • Easy maintenance and repair.
  • Ability to control the speed of movement of cargo (blanks) in the range of 5-30 meters per second.

To learn more about the advantages of using roller conveyors with wipers, contact our managers in Vologda!