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Software for controllers and control panels

Technical specifications

The company NPF "TECHPROMSERVICE" renders services in development of industrial automation software with adjustment and training of operators to work with new interfaces. Our IT-engineers have a wealth of experience in preparing software for various purposes, which allows them to quickly develop the most effective, functional and reliable solutions for specific needs. We can create software for new machines, lines or production facilities, as well as perform a deep upgrade of existing programs.

Purpose and tasks to be solved

Industrial automation software – designed to control equipment and operation of production processes. It represents a set of utilities that perform automated information processing. The complete list of tasks to be solved depends on the specification of the enterprise, the used machines, control, safety and monitoring means. The main functions of the software are:

  • information processing in real time;
  • equipment synchronization;
  • process automation;
  • database creation;
  • display of information on control panels (screens);
  • providing management of modes and settings;
  • control and management of security means;
  • communication with external equipment – common control points.

Our IT-engineers develop all kinds of software for industrial automation. When implementing complex solutions, we carry out full adjustment and testing of line performance. In the process of operation, we provide service support.

Advantages of cooperation with TECHPROMSERVICE

  • Minimum terms. Promptness in development is provided by ready-made software and hardware complexes, which are easily adapted to the specification of the enterprise and equipment. By individual requests it is possible to develop completely new software.
  • Security. Software plays an important role in the efficiency of work, control and management of equipment and the enterprise as a whole. It can be subject to hacker attacks from the outside. Our engineers pay special attention to industrial security in order to prevent theft of intellectual property, personal data, archives, interference with workflow control.
  • Efficiency. All software solutions are designed for the specific production environment. In advance, our specialists conduct an extensive set of analytical works aimed at optimizing, improving productivity, reliability and simplifying the work with interfaces. The result is software that is fully tailored to individual requirements and needs.
  • Flexibility. Our software solutions are distinguished by the ability to upgrade and change when expanding production, installing new equipment, updating standards.
  • Ease of use. We believe that ease of use is an important aspect of high performance, so we make intuitive interfaces.
  • Warranties. Confidence in quality and efficiency of created solutions is confirmed by full warranty.

Buy software from the manufacturer

The company SPC "TECHPROMSERVICE" is ready to help at any stage of equipping the enterprise with production equipment, having developed not only software, but also machines and lines of different configuration and level of complexity. We offer flexible terms of cooperation, several payment methods, including the ability to pay on credit and leasing. To place an order, send a request for feedback or contact the manager in a convenient way.