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Sawn timber package breaker

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Область применения:
Lumber sorting Woodworking machines
Technical specifications

Lumber Package Breaker (LPB) – a special unit for piece-by-piece feeding of planks, bars, laths or other products from the package to the transverse conveyor for further processing or other technological operations. The design is based on an electromechanical lift that provides lifting of the receiving platform. The RPMM is designed to complete mechanised, semi-automated or automatic deep processing lines for wood, construction materials or other products.

Construction, composition

Sawn timber package breaker – a type of interlocking mechanisation devices for automatic dismantling of dense transport or drying packages of thinner timber. In the basic delivery variant, the RPMM design consists of the following parts

  • Scarcass based on a frame welded from thick-walled channels.
  • Packaging – receiving platform.
  • Electromechanical lift with four carriages.
  • Transport blade based on six chain type traction bars.
  • Electric motor with 4 kW.
  • Control and protection unit with remote panel.

Available options

In addition to the basic equipment, we can also order lumber package breakers with extended functionality. The list of available options includes the following mechanisms and adaptations:

  • Sensors measuring the humidity of lumber.
  • Transport for primary sorting of lumber.
  • Mechanism of piece-by-piece delivery with folding boards into the shield.
  • Width and length parameters control device.
  • Wiper of blanks whose parameters do not correspond to the settings.
  • Mechanism of aligning boards or bars at the ends.
  • Metal sensors, etc.

Principle of work

The supply of piece blanks has been implemented as follows. Drying or transport packs of thinner materials are loaded onto a receiving platform (packet storage) of the lift using a loader or cross conveyor (PTPM). Once loaded, the electromechanical drive ensures that the receiving platform is lifted at an angle of 900. By tilting the layers of planks or bars under their own weight, they slide onto the transport bed. The workpieces are then moved piece by piece to a transverse conveyor for further movement in the processing line chain.

RPPM Benefits

Popularity of lumber package parsers is due to an extensive list of advantages.

  • High-strength frame reinforced with ribs is designed for intensive work with maximum loads.
  • Easy to assemble, install and configure.
  • Long service life without time-consuming maintenance.
  • The ability to integrate into semi-automatic or automatic lines for deep processing of wood, production of furniture, containers and other products.
  • Wide list of additional equipment and options.
  • Easy layout ensures easy maintenance, modernisation or repair.

NPF TECHPROMSERVICE sells equipment of its own design with the possibility to adjust operating parameters, dimensions, configuration and functions. This approach makes it possible to offer optimal solutions maximally adapted to the technological processes of a particular company.
Universal package analyzers are supplied with a full list of additional services. They include free consultations, design modifications to meet customer requirements, and the provision of additional tools and accessories. To find out the details and order the RPMM with delivery, please contact our managers in a convenient way.