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Prosaw 460 sawing line

Advantages of this machine type:

  • Possibility to saw a log with a bar as well as "in breakdown";
  • Improved basing of the log when sawing by using v-shaped tracks with pneumatic top clamps;
  • The use of a 2-shaft sawing system increases productivity with the same power;
  • Increased lumber yield due to smaller kerfs;
  • Sawing is done by sawing from the inside of the log, which gives the saw resistance because sand and dirt do not get into the kerf and do not participate in tooth dullening and saw wear;
  • The use of two pairs of driven extractor rollers at the output.
  • Movable shafts, for the possibility of installing smaller saws with smaller log diameters and a uniform distribution of load on the drives;
  • Lumber separating conveyor for the separation of non-edged lumber and hump from the bar (used only when sawing logs with a bar) (instead of receiving a caterpillar conveyor).