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ProSaw 320 sawing line

Logging machine ProSaw 320 is designed for sawing of logs “in the breakdown” and with lumber in sawing lines with productivity up to 300 m3/shift (8 hours) (depending on installed capacity).

Possibility of sawing the log both with a log and “in a breakdown”.

Improved basing of the log when sawing due to the use of v-shaped tracks with pneumatic top clamps.

The use of a 2-roll sawing system increases productivity with the same power.

Increased sawn timber yield due to lower kerf.

Sawing is performed by saws from the inside of the log, which gives the saw its durability, as sand and dirt do not get into the kerf and do not participate in tooth dullening and saw wear.

Use of two pairs of drive extractor rollers at the output.

Movable upper roller, for the possibility of installing smaller saws with smaller log diameters.

Lumber separator conveyor to separate unedged lumber and hump from the bar (used only when sawing logs with a bar) (instead of the receiving caterpillar conveyor).