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Mechanization of the four-sided machine tool

Technical specifications

NPF TECHPROMSERVICE offers turnkey deliveries of mechanisation tools for four-sided woodworking machines. Their use allows the company to significantly increase productivity by maximising the automation of labour-intensive processes. Complex solutions offered at low prices are characterized by increased efficiency, reliability and long service life with minimal involvement of service personnel. They are designed exclusively on an individual basis, taking into account specific technological processes, customer requirements and wishes.

Basic set of mechanisation

In addition to the four-sided machine, the following equipment is included in the basic mechanisation kit of the automated wood processing line:

  • A transverse conveyor for lumber bundles. to move packaged blanks up to 3.6 m long. The powerful construction is made on the basis of steel channels, six chain-type traction bars, the movement of which is provided by a 5.5 kW gear motor.
  • Sawn timber package breaker. required to break up the packed material and issue the blanks piece by piece to a four-sided machine for subsequent processing. The unit is a massive receiving platform equipped with six chain-type traction bars and an electromechanical four-carriage lift.
  • Chain-type conveyor with piece-by-piece delivery of lumber. provides transverse movement of piece-by-piece workpieces to the reception table of the four-sided machine. The working blade is made on the basis of six traction bars. The piece-by-piece output is realized by means of a pneumatic drive.
  • The machine is of the cutting-edge type with firing rollers. It allows for the cutting of end edges as well as transverse sawing of long lumber on blanks of specified dimensions. The multifunctional complex is made on the basis of three spindle blocks completed with disk saws. To ensure their rotation, 3 kW electric motors are provided.
  • A belt conveyor for feeding into the dividing machine. A 300 mm wide belt is used to feed blanks discharged from cross conveyors to the receiving table of the dividing machine.
  • A roller conveyor with a wiper. ensures that the lumber is moved along the process line and then unloaded on the right or left side.
  • Transporter for lumber packages with oscillating tyres. equipped with pneumatically driven tyre lifter, necessary to move the blanks to the blade of an acceleration module.
  • Accelerator module – an electric motor-driven drive mechanism is needed to increase the productivity of the four-sided machine by increasing the feed rate of the workpieces. In addition to the standard version, additional equipment and fixtures can be supplied on request. Their exact list is determined during the development of the mechanisation project for a particular enterprise.

In addition to the standard version, it is possible to supply additional equipment and attachments to individual requests. Their exact list will be determined during the development of the mechanisation project for a particular enterprise.

Benefits of mechanisation from TechPromServis

  • Increased productivity with minimal staff involvement. One operator is sufficient to manage and maintain an automated line.
  • A wide range of devices and configuration options allows us to offer efficient solutions fully adapted to the needs of a particular enterprise.
  • We sell equipment with a good margin of safety and reliability, guaranteeing long service life and ease of use with a high level of safety and maintainability.

Buy mechanisation device from the manufacturer

To consult and order mechanisation for a four-sided machine from the manufacturer with delivery, please contact the manager of TechPromServis in Vologda. An experienced employee will contact you quickly to agree on mutually beneficial delivery terms.