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Manufacturing of parts according to customer drawings

Technical specifications

The company NPF TECHPROMSERVICE manufactures parts according to customer drawings (sketches) of various complexity with delivery across Russia. Our company specialises in the manufacture of woodworking equipment and spare parts. Extensive experience, fully staffed professionals and modern equipment make it possible to implement projects in a short time, guaranteeing high quality while strictly complying with the requirements of GOST and international standards.

Equipment of production

The production capacity of the plant allows the production of plastic chains, shafts, sprockets, pulleys, bushings, spindles, rollers and other parts of different sizes and configurations. For this purpose, our masters have at their disposal a complete list of professional equipment and tools:

  • Lathes;
  • crew-cutting units,
  • coordinate boring complexes
  • Bottling plants;
  • denturing machines
  • radial drilling units,
  • HF installations;
  • Carousel-type machines
  • thermal furnaces
  • pipe and sheetmetal presses;
  • guillotines
  • plasma cutting machines, etc.

Products according to customer drawings

The drawings can be sent by email or via a convenient messenger. Once the files have been received, the design team studies the data carefully. On the basis of these data, technological processes are developed for the workshops and production deadlines are calculated. According to the finished designs, the craftsmen start the direct production of the products. Tests are completed and the finished parts are then sent to the customer.

Benefits of our production

  • Modern equipment In order to meet the demands for complete parts, we regularly improve our own machines, taking into account modern standards, new methods and developments in the design and manufacture of industrial equipment. This approach ensures high speeds while improving quality regardless of the complexity of the configuration of the finished products.
  • Large experience We have more than 25 years of experience in designing and manufacturing woodworking equipment. This allows us to produce high quality parts according to drawings, regardless of the complexity of the specification.
  • Warranties All parts are subject to a multistage inspection, which allows the smallest defects and inaccuracies to be detected. Confidence in the strength, accuracy and reliability of the products is confirmed by a full guarantee.
  • Warranty
  • Accuracy Particular attention is paid to preliminary calculations, the accuracy of equipment settings and the operations performed. The result is strict adherence to TU, specified characteristics.
  • Adaptability The machines, furnaces, guillotines, plasma cutting machines and other equipment used are characterised by a wide range of options, settings and replaceable nozzles. This makes it possible to produce different parts with minimal preparation time.
  • Compliance with deadlines Time is the most important resource, so we always adhere to the agreed deadlines. For this purpose, emphasis is placed on planning, where foremen make the necessary calculations of equipment capacity, taking into account the current production workload.

Integrated services

NPF “TECHPROMSERVICE”, in addition to the production of spare parts, offers a full range of services for the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of equipment for woodworking enterprises. You can buy our products by prepayment, on credit or lease, choosing the convenient method of payment. We are ready to ensure the supply of spare parts on a regular basis. For detailed information and application form, please contact the plant manager in a convenient way.