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Facing pass type machine

Область применения:
Lumber sorting Woodworking machines
Technical specifications

End-to-end Gangway Machine (STP-400) – an electromechanical complex that provides transverse sawing (trimming) of trimmed lumber into segments according to specified dimensions. Allows processing of workpieces with cross sections from 16×75 to 75×225 mm in length of 1200-6200 mm. The parameters of finished products are adjusted by manual matching or divergence of saw modules mounted on the frame rail.

Design features

The cutting-edge machine is structurally based on the following main parts:

  • three saw blade blocks with disc cutting elements;
  • beds – frame structure of increased strength;
  • a set of driving rollers;
  • facing bars of chain type;
  • gear motor;
  • blank scrapping mechanism;
  • protection and control units.

Through-type facing, completed with driving rollers 125×500 mm, is made on the basis of a strong frame frame – frame type. The frame is made of channels and supports in the form of thick-walled pipes. Three saw units (modules) with cutting blades of 350-450 mm in diameter are mounted on the frame. One is stationary (main) and two are movable (cut). The saw units are equipped with 3 kW electric motors. The mobile blocks are fixed to the transverse rail using screw terminals. If necessary, they are moved manually at a certain distance from each other. In this way, the dimensions of the finished products are adjusted.

Driving rollers ensure that the workpieces are aligned in the machine’s axis. The movement of boards or a bar is realised by means of facing bars made on the basis of PR25.5-6000 series traction chains. To minimise contamination, the chains are mounted with teeth downwards. The feed drive is made on the basis of a 3 kW gear motor. The motor shaft provides rotation of the drive shafts on which chain sprockets are fixed.

Principle of operation

The principle of STP-400 is to crosscut the workpiece into segments of a given size using circular saws. The cutting blocks are arranged so that the cutting plane is always perpendicular to the fibres of the workpiece. The planks or bars are loaded onto a continuously operating conveyor and fed to the sawing units. Alignment – the workpieces are moved to the position required for quality sawing at a given angle by means of bending rollers.

Advantages of STP-400:

  • Increased productivity with high dimensional accuracy of the finished lumber at the output.
  • Easy adjustment of operating parameters with infinitely variable speed control.
  • Mechanized alignment of workpieces without operator intervention.
  • Rugged and reliable construction protected from corrosion and other aggressive effects by powder coating.
  • Ability to be used either separately or as part of semi-automatic or automatic lines for processing sawn timber, production of building materials, furniture, containers and other wood products.
  • Long operating life with minimum maintenance.

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