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Disassembler with piece-by-piece delivery

Technical specifications

NPF TECHPROMSERVICE delivers breakers on favourable terms. We offer machines of our own production with a full list of additional services. The equipment is designed and manufactured to order according to individual specifications, which take into account the specifics of the technological processes of a particular facility. The design is universal, which ensures fast integration into wood processing lines of different specifications and degrees of automation. At the same time, high levels of reliability, efficiency and safety are maintained in all configurations.


Disconnector with piece-by-piece delivery – ensures that the logs are separated and then fed to a roller conveyor or to a log carrier. The logs are separated and moved without using clamps or other devices that damage the raw material. Such equipment is used in sawing lines for sorting, bucking and/or debarking roundwood.


The design of the splitter eliminates the possibility of two wells being fed at the same time. The rigid steel frame is designed for intensive operation with maximum loads. Thanks to the additional polymer coating, the machine can be installed in outdoor areas and used all year round.

The splitter design includes:

  • The steel frame made of thick-walled beams and pipes provides increased resistance to high impact loads. The clever configuration prevents the bark from overhanging.
  • Electric motor with gearbox. The drive is located in the centre of the machine design, ensuring that the torque is transmitted simultaneously to the left and right. This solution significantly reduces the load on the drive shaft and increases motor efficiency.
  • Chain-type traction bars are distinguished by their large pitch. The carefully designed configuration is more durable and less susceptible to contamination.
  • Steel grippers are universal. They are used for working with logs of different thicknesses.
  • The control and automation unit can be equipped with a remote panel or a remote control for maximum convenience and comfort. The module includes a set of automatic protection devices against short circuits and engine overloads.

Principle of operation

The principle of operation is as simple as possible. The gear motor drives the chain bars on which the grippers are fixed. Their shape and angle of inclination fixes one log, moving it upwards to the longitudinal conveyor. The timber is loaded from a storage table.

Advantages of NSS from TECHPROMSERVICE

  • Simple management and service.
  • High performance, 10 m/min roundabout transport speed.
  • Increased reliability of the structure and mechanisms.
  • Ability to work with round assortment of timber of different thicknesses.
  • Compatible with a large list of machines and log processing lines.

Machines are implemented with a full range of related services: assembly, installation, adjustment, commissioning, maintenance, improvement and repair of various complexity. Delivery is carried out throughout Russia as well as throughout the CIS. Call managers of TechPromService to learn more about the capabilities of wood processing equipment and make a request for delivery.