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Conveyor Belt

Technical specifications

The company NPF "TECHPROMSERVICE" offers belt conveyors for completing the industrial woodworking equipment with delivery. We implement modern solutions of our own production, which show high efficiency and reliability in harsh operating conditions under maximum load. Extensive experience and modern production allow us to promptly make changes to standard solutions taking into account the specifics of the enterprise being built. To buy belt conveyors on favorable terms, just leave an application on the website or contact the manager in another way.

Designation and design features

Belt conveyor (LC) – is the most common type of transportation machines at the production facilities. It is a universal device designed to provide continuous feeding or shipment of blanks, materials, scrap, waste. Its operation can be synchronized with different equipment, providing optimal speed, taking into account the time spent on specific operations. The LC is used in glued beam production lines, sorting of lumber, processing of raw materials, wood processing.

Structural features

The offered equipment is an autonomous device with its own motor and control unit. It is equipped with a belt conveyor with an electric motor of 1.5 kW, which is enough to ensure the web motion at a speed of 30 m/min and above. The working web is a smooth 300 mm wide belt with a smooth surface. It is covered with a special wear-resistant composite that excludes slippage of lumber. Steel elements are coated with a paint that prevents corrosion. Height and length can be changed taking into account the specifics of production. It is also possible to make other corrections to the drawings and modifications to individual specifications.

Advantages of belt conveyor

  • High quality assembly. As an equipment manufacturer, we strictly control all stages of production, starting with billets and raw materials. We provide you with the assurance of high quality results.
  • Processability. The conveyors are equipped with means of automatics and performance control necessary for integration into automated lines of different configuration and complexity.
  • Reliability. To achieve high indices of durability, all the conveyor elements are manufactured with increased safety margin. This makes it possible to operate the belts at full capacity in long cycles without fear.
  • Versatility of application. Flexible system of adjustment of working parameters allows to use constructions as a part of different lines, to adjust to working conditions of concrete machines, manufactures.
  • Productivity. The maximum belt speed is 30 m/min with the following measurements: length 6500, width 649 and height 1364 mm. The belt is equipped with its own power unit with a drive mechanism.
  • Simple maintenance is the result of a simplified design, using reliable and accessible components and mechanisms.

Buy a belt conveyor from the manufacturer

The company NPF "TECHPROMSERVICE" offers to buy belt conveyors with full warranty. Production of the structure takes up to 20 working days depending on the current workload of the plant. You can pay for the purchase by prepayment, credit or leasing program. To learn more about the features of the equipment, additional equipment and services, please contact the manager in a convenient way.