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Woodworking machines

The high productivity of the woodworking industry largely depends on the right equipment and machines selected for this purpose, which allow to quickly solve problems related to transportation and processing of lumber, as well as their further delivery to the consumer.

Scientific-Production Company "Tekhpromservice" is successfully engaged in the manufacture of mechanization and automation equipment, supplies near-installation equipment, and also saves your time and money, because its staff consists of qualified and experienced employees. You can order everything you need for production, and we will realize timely delivery of the equipment and offer favorable payment methods.


The timely manufacture of mechanization and automation equipment, its reliability and durability largely depend on the right choice of supplier. Our company has significant experience in such works and offers the following products:

  • Treebooks;
  • Bargainers;
  • Bolicket, chain or belt conveyors
  • Mechanization implementation for various four-sided machines;
  • Bolic tables of different sizes.

The ability to use this equipment in the technological process, will successfully solve the most complex tasks to increase productivity and reduce labor costs.

All the proposed near-installation equipment has been certified, has proved itself perfectly in the course of operation and is able to ensure a continuous production cycle for a long time, which is especially important for the full development of your business.

The benefits of using our services

Cooperation with "Techpromservice" Company are several important advantages at once, among which the following can be highlighted:

  • Manufacturing of means of mechanization and automation for sawmill and woodworking industry is made with use of innovative modern technologies
  • absence of intermediaries excludes additional money overpayments;
  • work successfully in the market with the largest companies
  • offer a reasonable price for the products supplied
  • Consult customers with all their questions are committed to long-term and successful cooperation.

We are waiting for your requests, we take individual approach to each order and sell deliveries just in time, because we understand the importance of our commitments!