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Bar gluing line

Technical specifications

NPF TECHPROMSERVICE sells bar gluing lines. At advantageous prices, you can order from us an efficient complex designed for the specifics of a particular production. In addition to project development and equipment manufacturing, we provide a full range of related services. These include installation, adjustment and commissioning of the line, scheduled maintenance, repair and modernisation. In addition, we provide staff training courses. The equipment offered by our specialists is characterized by high reliability and performance with ease of operation, increased safety. Bar gluing lines are sold with delivery in Russia and neighboring countries.

Features and tasks to be solved.

Bar gluing line – is an automated complex for production of construction material from natural wood. It makes it possible to precisely vary the parameters of the finished product. The efficiency of its work and the payback period are determined by the set of equipment. At the same time, a standard set of equipment already provides:

  • Increasing the profitability of the company by optimising the efficiency of its work stages.
  • Reducing the number of defective products and waste by reducing the impact of the human factor on production.
  • Improving the quality of manufactured materials – size accuracy, control of deviations, defects.
  • Stable operation regardless of the season, hour of day and other factors.
  • Obtaining accurate statistics and reports, which allows for more efficient production planning and the use of working time.

Possibility to reduce the number of production workers. The degree of automation and the number of additional equipment will determine the number of operators. One person will be sufficient to control the operation of the line.

Composition of lines for gluing the bar.

  • The composition of the bar gluing line is completed individually on the basis of the specifics of the enterprise being set up. The facility may include full production, including the preparation of raw materials or focus on a short cycle. The first option is more expensive, but more profitable in the long term, saving on raw materials. The second one reduces the amount of initial investment and focuses on the main production line – beam gluing.
  • The basic version of the equipment includes a studding machine, an acceleration module, a hydraulic press for gluing, an infinite splicing press, a roller conveyor and a lamella maturing warehouse. Synchronous operation and automation are ensured by the control module, the quality of the operations performed and the materials monitored by sensors.

  • ShSK-600 stud cutting machine – designed for cutting miniature spikes on the ends of blanks. The resulting geometric irregularities ensure more efficient joining of materials during further processing. Model ШСК-600 automatically performs basing of workpieces and cutting of horizontal miniature spikes on both ends. The spikes are formed by milling cutters and during processing, the position of the material is fixed by the clamping bar. Modifications have an additional function – adhesive application.
  • Endless splicing press – solves the problem of non-standard workpiece lengths. The machine completes joints and sections of different lengths, ensuring high precision in the length of the raw material at the output. In order to obtain a certain length of the workpiece, the equipment provides for customisation. The press consists of an assembly table with clamping rollers, a direct press mechanism for splicing the workpiece lengths and a pneumatic facing and a drop table.

  • Hydraulic press for gluing the bar with the ramp – used for gluing individual workpieces into a monolithic structure. The material smeared with glue is placed in a line and fixed according to the technology. The steel bar in combination with hydraulic cylinders creates pressure by pressing the workpieces as tightly as possible. The equipment ensures vertical pressing and frontal clamping. The required pressure in the hydraulic cylinders is maintained automatically. The control is carried out from the pushbutton station. Loading and unloading are mechanised, which significantly increases productivity.
  • Acceleration module – represents an important part of the production line. It is installed in front of a four-way machine. The task of the equipment is to increase the productivity of the plant by means of forced continuous material feeding.

  • Roller conveyors are roller conveyors without which an efficient automated line cannot be built. The machine consists of a number of rollers fixed at short distances from each other. Their rotation around their axis ensures that objects move in the direction of rotation. The clever design eliminates the deformation of materials. The number of rollers depends on the complexity and length of the line. With full automation, they are installed between all machines, quickly moving the workpieces along the processing chain.

The lamella curing warehouse is the structure where the material is placed. The modular design allows the warehouse to be built according to production volumes, space and working conditions.

Development of lines of any complexity.

The specialists of NPF TECHROMSERVICE are ready to develop a line for gluing the bar, regardless of complexity. The composition of the equipment is selected individually and may include additional machines for material processing or raw material preparation. The high degree of automation makes it possible to do with minimal human resources, without losing product quality.

To consult and buy a bar gluing line in Vologda with delivery in Russia, please contact our manager by phone, via the "Learn a price", "Ask a question" service or a suitable social network messenger.