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Acceleration module

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Technical specifications

NPF TECHPROMSERVICE designs and manufactures equipment for mechanisation and automation of woodworking, sawmill and plywood plants. We offer in-house overclocking modules, which are integrated as precisely and efficiently as possible into already completed lines.

The equipment is manufactured based on individual specifications. The specification takes into account the specifics of the region, the number of personnel, the conditions of the location, the specifics of production and other factors. As a result, a team of experienced specialists develops a solution that precisely matches the specifics of the technological processes of a particular enterprise.

Basic concepts

The Ragon Module (RM) is an important part of the production lines for wood processing. Its task is to increase productivity by increasing the intensity of raw material supply. The design allows working with different types of lumber. The advantage of using the module is the high rate of movement of the blanks with the possibility of speed adjustment, reliable drive and easy maintenance. The machine can work with planks or bars of different thickness, length and width.

Construction and operating principle

The rake module is a forced lumber feed mechanism. Its design consists of the following main parts:

  • electric motor with safety automatics
  • rotor drive mechanism;
  • steel arm with hydraulic cylinder for lowering and lifting with the required pressure force.
  • Gears with straps for torque transmission
  • contact roller;
  • control panels that enable power on and speed control.

The principle of operation of the overclocking module is to force the board to move to the side of the longitudinal axis of the machine when reaching the working position and freeing up space from the previous workpiece. The contact roller ensures the transfer of energy without damaging the material and the required speed. A hydraulic cylinder regulates the required pressing force.

Advantages of TechPromCervis overclocking module

  • The improved reliability of the module is ensured through detailed design development, use of quality parts, imported components and assemblies.
  • Universal applications are due to simple integration into finished lines.
  • High efficiency is ensured by high speed and precision of workpiece movement.
  • Easy service and high repairability with available spare parts and consumables.

Our engineers are ready to develop an optimal solution for the needs of a particular enterprise, providing increased productivity and functionality of lumber processing lines. Contact us in a convenient way to consult and place an order for equipment delivery!