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Saving table for logs

Technical specifications


Log Storage Table (NSB) – used to feed a round assortment of timber for further processing. It can be used to complete sorting and sawing lines for various purposes, performing sawing, bucking and/or debarking of raw materials. The unit ensures the supply of raw materials, taking into account the subsequent technological operation and completing the line.

The design of the equipment is as simple, reliable and versatile as possible. The receiving platform is made up of steel beams evenly spaced across the entire bed area. This solution does not require a massive foundation for installation. Outside, the table can be mounted on a beam, provided there is sufficient ground density.

The main structural elements are:

  • Frame frame made of steel beams, plates and profiled ribs. The platform is designed for transporting roundabouts from 3 to 6.5 metres in length.
  • A gear motor with a drive mechanism mounted in the middle of the receiving blade. The torque is transmitted from the centre in two directions, which reduces the load on the drive shaft.
  • Large pitch traction bars are designed for gripping and moving logs with diameters between 100 and 500 mm. The chain design is resistant to bark and mud clogging, which increases the service life of the equipment several times.
  • The control and protection unit ensures adjustment and safe operation of the electrical part of the machine, preventing short-circuits and overheating of the motor.

Working Principle

The round timber can be loaded onto a log storage table by means of a loading or transporter. The receiving table is equipped with special stops to prevent the deck from rolling. The traction chain moves the material to the opposite edge, where a transverse or longitudinal conveyor is placed, moving the logs to the next machine in the wood processing line.

Upon individual requests, changes may be made to the design of the table to increase efficiency and functionality, taking into account the technological processes of a particular company.

NSB benefits from TechPromServices

  • Possibility to work with logs of different diameters without changing the structural elements.
  • Increased reliability due to reinforced structure, even distribution of loads.
  • High productivity – conveyor speed 8 m/min.
  • Easy installation, operation and maintenance.
  • Versatility of application due to the possibility of integration into processing lines for logs of different purposes and types.
  • Available spare parts with high repairability.

We offer our own products with a full range of additional services. Machines are manufactured according to individual requests for a specific facility and operating conditions. The versatility of their design allows them to be integrated into various lines, ensuring high efficiency and reliability.

The equipment is supplied throughout Russia as well as to neighbouring countries. In addition, services for assembly, installation, commissioning and maintenance are provided. If necessary, component parts are supplied, and repairs and upgrades are carried out. The log storage table is an important part of timber processing lines, providing raw materials for subsequent technological operations. NPF TECHPROMSERVICE sells modern equipment for woodworking enterprises of various types.

More information about the terms and privileges of cooperation with the equipment manufacturer can be obtained by contacting the manager.