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Design and production
woodworking machines and mechanization
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Деревообрабатывающие станки в Вологде
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Деревообрабатывающие станки в Вологде
Utilization of wood leftovers
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Деревообрабатывающие станки в Вологде
About company
The Research and Production Company 'TECHPROMSERVICE' LLC is specialized enterprise for the development and production of equipment for the forestry and agro-industrial complex, including the utilization of wood leftovers.
company establishment in Vologda
joining the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Vologda Region
annual participant of the international exhibition 'Russian Forest'
member of the Wooden Housing and Woodworking Cluster of the Vologda Region
member of the Association of Wooden Housing Construction of the Vologda Region
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Modern design systems and experience of designers allow to devise a unique solutions for successful business development.
“WOODEX 2019” – Moscow

“WOODEX 2019” – Moscow The 16th International exhibition of equipment and technologies for woodworking and furniture manufacturing Woodex 2019 till 6 December 2019 in Moscow, IEC Crocus Expo. We invite you to visit our booth №D197. The Woodex exhibition presents a wide range of equipment and tools for woodworking and furniture production, as well as […]

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Czech Forum

Czech Forum On December 4, 2019 the Czech Forum was held, where representatives of NPF Tekhpromservice took an active part and held B2B negotiations with Czech enterprises.

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Новгородский бекон
Группа ЧТПЗ

Buy woodworking machine tools – widest breadth, good price!


Wood is an incredibly plastic, widely distributed and reliable natural material. It is hard to imagine a successful construction, production of furniture or decorative fences.

Our company offers to buy a woodworking machine tool for industrial and private use from the manufacturer, to put at your service modern design solutions. Our experience and competence help to solve successfully the problems related with the expansion of your business, and guarantees savings of time and money!

What are the purposes of a woodworking machine tool?

In order to obtain the desired wood product, a wide variety of automatic manipulations of the source material are required, as this procedure can be time consuming manually. You can buy a woodworking machine tool from us for the following steps:

  • for sawing,
  • for pressing
  • for planing;
  • drilling of holes of different diameters;
  • routing all kinds of products
  • grinding procedures
  • sharps.

The use of woodworking machine tool allows to minimize time losses, put production on a conveyor, and also contributes to the absence of fatigue, a significant loss of observation among workers. The use of machine tools improves the quality of any product.

Even beginners can work with the machine tool. The price of the woodworking machine tool depends on its multifunctionality, narrow specialization and volume of production. Easy and simple control, increased productivity and a detailed view of the cutting site – this is not a complete set of benefits of use.

What types of machine tools do we offer?

Prices for woodworking machine tool in our company differ in its reasonability, as well as the widest breadth. We can offer the following machine tools:

  • industrial shredder of different modifications
  • chopping machine
  • reliable chip separator;
  • hydraulic packing presses,
  • wood chipboard machine
  • bar press with mechanized load function;
  • pneumohydraulic vaima
  • planing knives and circular saws,
  • long splice press.

We are constantly improving the products, offer significant discounts, sell components and successfully advise on all matters of interest.

Why is the right choice to contact us?

Our company has a great experience in the field of equipment supply, improves production technology, is attentive to the wishes of customers. We are available 24 hours a day, we suggest contacting us by e-mail, online application or by calling the numbers indicated. We are waiting for your requests, ready for a full-fledged business partnership and will make business as successful as possible!

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Sales program of Research and Production Company 'TECHPROMSERVICE' LLC products on lease from 'MK-S' LLC
Lease for up to 5 years
Advance sum up to 5%
Appreciation from 7%